Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Too Much

Spent part of last evening watching Haiden and Finn while trying to figure out my schedule from now until June. This just doesn't work. Finn is crying through his cold and Haiden is in my lap going through every weekly page of my "Far Side" calendar/training log looking at the cartoons. Wipe Finn's nose, come back to see all of March scribbled on with my pencil. "Thank you Haiden".

Kiera had class last night so the kids were all mine, and neither are feeling very well. In short, I just can't get things done. This morning Finn woke at 4, so after feeding him I donned the headlamp and ran 11 before anyone got up. Upon my return, I spread out the coming four months on Haiden's green plastic table (away from their bedrooms so as not to wake them). After getting a drink of water I sit down on one of the miniature chairs and pencil in one long run in May.

"Daddy, it's morning."

Since I'm done running so early and I haven't been around much with work as crazy as it is, we all decide to go out to breakfast. I have an idea of what will be next, although I will be hoping for some guidance from Nobby to make it happen. Stay tuned and it will be revealed...if I can just find the time. They're only young once.

Training: 11 miles, 1:16:37, 6:57 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Sounds familiar...I have no words of advice, as Johnny and I are attempting to figure our way through the same!

Mike said...

Thanks Angie, it is always a struggle! Good luck this weekend!