Thursday, February 09, 2006

Too Tired to Type

7 month old Finn was at it again at 3 this morning and he just wouldn't go back down. Since my alarm was set for 4:15 I gave up at about 4, which was coincidentally when he finally went back to sleep. This was supposed to be long run number one, and it was starting out quite rough. Work has been killing me the past two weeks, the kids have been sick, and it's been a little hard to fit everything in. Sleep has been sparse.

After eating breakfast I desperately wanted to go back to sleep, but since I still had another 16 miler plus this 22 miler to do by Sunday there wasn't much choice, especially since Saturday will be a 14 hour show day at the gallery, with me on my feet and frantic the whole time. This rules out Sunday for the long run.

It was hot and muggy this morning, so much so that I ditched the shirt at my first 3 mile pit-stop. My stomache has not been happy lately, and unfortunately now the landscape company managing the "Fairfield" development won't be either. I considered calling it a day, doing six then another six in the evening. The miles won't add up. Time to keep going. Down to the river path, still pitch dark, and finally a real bathroom, with toilet paper and everything. It's 6.75 miles. Too long to turn around now and call it a recovery run, too far to go to do the whole long run.

I make it out to mile 8, where the river trail is torn up while the city constructs a new overpass across the river. I turn around here and head back home into a gentle breeze, which actually feels pretty good. At this point I have that sick, clammy feeling and I just want to get home. Up the hills that take me back to my neighborhood, another woozy pit-stop in the same development, and finally back home.

I'm exhausted, but at least this only leaves a 12, a 10 and a 22-24 miler in the next three days. I had a feeling this first week back would be tough, and unfortunately working all but three days in February and the lack of sleep at our home isn't helping.

I'm sure I'll be back to my old self next week, once the art show is finished. I'm bummed I had to switch my 16 miler with my long run. It just wan't in the cards today. Sorry for the lack of colorful commentary, but it's just not in me. Hope everyone else's runs were better than mine today. There's always tomorrow.

Training: 16 tired, sickly, sleep-deprived, clammy miles, 1:57:47, 7:23 pace


The Last Runner said...

If I go back to my salad days of running, I remember how much easier it was to train at higher mileage when it was only about me. No kids and a very (VERY) understanding wife. That all changed when my son was born in 1986. I could still train but the exhaustion factor plus work stress tumbled me down several steps on the competitve ladder.

This should all make you just one tougher guy when you race. I often think what makes us better runners and racers is what we have to overcome rather than any natural ability we have.

Thomas said...

Maybe setting the first week of your base training when your so busy at work wasn't the best idea, and with th ekids being sick it's even worse.

If I were you I might consider starting the training next week instead, but then again you're not me, and that's why you run so much faster.

Dirt Runner said...

You got the miles in and that's what counts. Sooner or later you will pass out if you don't get any sleep.

tb1 said...

This too shall pass. I know that's not what you want to hear but soon you will look at your training schedule and this week will be nothing but history. Hang in there Mike. I'm struggling with my runs at my own level but my kids can go to bed on their own. SD will be that much sweeter when you look back.

Paul said...

I have a theory that - as long as you don't get sick - training while tired is like swinging a bat with a weighted donut in the ondeck circle. When you take the donut off, you swing the bat as if it is much lighter. Once you get out of this hectic month (remove the donut) you'll be running with ease.

Now, go prove my theory so that I can publish it and get famous - or at least post it to and get abused.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, man that sounds tough!!!

hope things get better soon

olga said...

Life always tries to throw difficulties at us and how manage makes us who we are. You did awesome!