Monday, February 27, 2006

Week Three in the Books

Another seven days, another seven runs, another 100 miles. The past week ended up pretty much like the previous week, as illustrated here (re-arranged for comparison):

Last Week...............This Week
8 at 7:20................12 at 7:15
18 at 6:57..............15 at 6:58
12 at 7:01..............12 at 6:47 (Wednesday's tempo session)
15 at 7:21..............15 at 6:31 (Sunday's tempo session)
11 at 7:11..............12 at 7:16
24 at 7:38..............22 at 7:06
12 at 6:30..............12 at 7:29
100 miles...............100 miles

The good: More time spent at quicker paces, including two days of tempo work. I was also able to get in one solid hilly run and my long run was a little quicker, even with bonking.

The not so good: I'm still running a little tired, and I would have liked Sunday's run to have gone a little better.

Oh yes, Sunday. Lucas and I headed out to the half-marathon course we will be running in March for the tempo session I previously described. The goal was to run the first half of the course well under control, then run two miles at 5:45, two miles at 5:40, followed by two miles at 5:30 or so. A late start, a hillier course than I remembered, and warmer temperatures made the run fairly tough, and after sweating through the first 7 primarily uphill miles at 7 minute pace, neither of us were really looking forward to the tempo effort. Still, we were out there and thus gave it a go. We ran the first two miles at 5:50 pace, and Lucas began to trail off a bit. We decided to compromise and just try to get in 20 minutes, about the minimum amount of time that I feel is crucial for a tempo run to have any real benefit. We ended the effort at about 3.5 miles, which we ran at the same 5:50 pace. After striding out a bit and regaining our composure, I suggested we turn the session into a pair of cruise intervals, hoping to run the last few miles of the course at a good clip to simulate the actual race. After about a half mile of rest we cranked it up again and worked our way down to 5:30 pace on the downhill sections of the course. One more cruel uphill followed though, and the effort ended up being 5:39 pace for about another 1.75 miles.

All in all it wasn't that bad, and we did get in a little over 5 miles of tempo running. Lucas and I plan to run this race as part of a team for The Running Shop, our amazing local running store (where Lucas happens to work), so I think it was important to stick together for the run. Hopefully we will have a few more teammates to run with, and together I feel we can place better in the team competition than having each of us run alone.

Today's run started week four of my second Lydiard conditioning phase, and Lucas was nice enough to bike over and run with me. We covered a little over 10 and a half miles at a relaxed pace. Lucas runs by time and I'm a slave to mileage to the correct decimal point, so even though we ran for almost exactly 75 minutes, the .37 miles I didn't run to get to an even eleven will haunt me all day. Yes, I realize I have a problem.

Training: Yesterday: 15 miles, 1:37:07, 6:31 pace, with 3.5 miles at 5:50 pace and 1.75 miles at 5:39 pace
Today: 10.63 miles, 1:15:17, 7:05 pace
Total miles for the week: 100 in seven sessions


robtherunner said...

Mike, Because I know you have your difficult days when you are pulled in different directions it amazes me that you get out that door everyday and put in the mileage required almost without fail. Sometimes you are short and make it up on the next day, or let it slide by, but you are the pinnacle of consistency for many of us to follow. Thanks for leading the way and always sharing your daily training with us.

Even if it guilts me all the more to read about your consistency.

Thomas said...

I know I've said it before, but your pace, especially when you're allegedly feeling tired, is just awesome.

Johnny Lyons said...

We have had a few hot days, haven't we? Funny how 80s seem cool to us during the summer.

The training looks like it is coming along great by the numbers! Although I understand how the way the runs feel can have such an impact on your assessment of the runs. With your type of very consistent training, the kinks tend to work themselves out quickly, right? I remember the few times I ran almost everyday and higher total miles, that I had an occasional bad day, but the recovery was very quick.