Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why Friends Don't Tell Friends They Blog

Its Scott, I never knew you had a blog. I have not read much, but I trust you told all of the beautiful female readers that I (1) was on pace to run a 2:20 marathon but stopped with a mile to go to help that stranded stray kitten, and (2) volunteer to help blind Iraqi orphans, that is when I am not training to defend my welterweight cage fighting championship belt. I also hope you did not tell them that I was rich, because that is just embarrassing, and besides it is better letting people think Al Gore invented the Internet - I really don't need the credit." -comment on "Running With Lydiard", January 27

This is the fellow I spent three hours with today running Bear Canyon in Sabino Canyon. I've known Scott since my and his triathlon days, through my and his cycling days, and now we both find ourselves chasing the marathon devil. I've written about running with Scott before (try the search function Scott, maybe you'll find it) and how we have different approaches to training but a similar respect for the hard work that gets results.

Scott is running Boston this April and needed 20 miles or so, and since I'm usually up for any kind of long run I was his training hack. Today was just over 17.5 miles, from my house, through the hilly, rocky trails up Bear Canyon, then back down the paved Sabino Canyon road. Talk about slow. The longer long runs I have planned give me pause after spending 3 hours running today. By the end, both of us were feeling the sting of the rocky, off-camber miles. Hungry and tired, it was nice to be done. This was my first time doing this whole loop, which is a shame since I live so close. I have newfound respect for trail runners like Johnny and Angie, who manage this sort of thing regularly. In fact, this weekend Angie finished her first ultra race, a grueling 50K, which is quite impressive. On her blog she writes about how over the past year she has lost over 60 pounds from suffering from gallbladder disease and running. She went from being unable to run half a mile to becoming a bonafide ultra-runner in a year. Huge respect.

Training: 17.5 miles, 3:00:52, 10:16 pace. No, that's not a typo
Miles for the week: 70.5 in 7 sessions

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angie's pink fuzzy said...

Thank you! :)

Hopefully I will see Kiera at Sabino sometime! I am always looking for more running partners - let Kiera know that she can e-mail me if she's interested in running Sabino with someone. (I am slow, though - 11 - 12-minute miles up the tram road is average for me.)