Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Good Kind of Struggle

A tough two days for me, but thankfully both are behind me. I wrote briefly about missing my chance at running yesterday morning due to Kiera's sickness, Finn's sleeplessness and Haiden starting school. Luckily Kiera was feeling better once I got home from work, so I was able to head out for 8 easy miles in the warm Tucson evening. I never run as well after a day at work, and I was nervous about how I would fit in all the quality and the miles I had scheduled, so I just ran easy.

After two shorter days in a row, I had to combine my hill day with a 16 miler this morning. I ran the whole run in and around Sabino Canyon, going to the top of the road and back, then looping around on side trails and the other paved roads in the Canyon and close-by. This was a tough, warm run, and the hills really tested me, but it was a good kind of struggle. I knew I had the endurance to handle the run, and even after starting to run low on fuel at 13 miles I was able to go back up Sabino Canyon road (uphill of course) to add the distance necessary to get in all 16 plus the .4 miles I missed on my run with Lucas.

End result: A good, confidence building run on tough terrain and tired legs. Days like this, while difficult, make running mean even more to me than the occasional weightless/effortless runs when everything goes right. I feel like I earned some fitness today, putting another brick in the foundation of my fitness for the marathon in June.

Training: Yesterday, 8 miles, 59:24, 7:26 pace
Today: 16.6 miles, 1:58:52, 7:15 pace


Scooter said...

Glad to hear you got one in yesterday (count it as recovery). It's that commitment that will get you to 2:30 (and maybe beyond). Keep at it!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good job...and you even got your extra .37 ;D