Monday, March 13, 2006

Looking Forward

Last week, through fatigue, sickness and racing, ended up being pretty light on mileage. 86 miles looks pretty skinny compared to the 4 weeks before it, and this week I'm hoping to work in a few more doubles to get closer to 110. I'm also hoping to spend more time at and faster than marathon pace (6 minute miles) in an effort to start transitioning to the coming hillwork and speedwork that will soon follow.

Today is recovery though, and I'll be honest and say that when Finn woke at 2:30 this morning for a snack I felt like my legs were cemented in bed. After the feeding I was still able to sleep a few more hours, and when everyone woke at 6 I was feeling a little better. I ended up trudging around for 10 miles, and I will hopefully get out for another 4-6 this evening (depending on if Haiden goes with me or not). The legs feel a bit dead, but there's no acute pain anywhere so I don't think I did any damage stomping through the last 2 miles trying to beat one guy.

I think Sasha and I are on the same page now, and I look forward to hearing more from him. I know I'm not blindly following anything, and when Sasha clarified his comments I realized that he didn't really mean that literally. I'm in agreement with him that it is important to closely monitor your body and its signs when following any program, and to be willing to make adjustments if things aren't going well. He's also right that real-life obligations sometimes interfere with the best laid plans, and further adjustments are sometimes called for to deal with said conflicts.

Lydiard training does work for me, and so far I have the results to prove it with PR's in the 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half-marathon, and marathon since starting the program. I've been in the trenches of building miles this way before, and while it is difficult I know I'll come out the other side a stronger runner with better endurance. Hopefully the speed will follow.

Training: 10 miles, 1:14:01, 7:24 pace, recovery after yesterday's race
Total miles for last week: 86 in 8 sessions


edinburghrunner said...

Apologies if this is somewhere on your site already and I've just missed it, but do you have pre- and post-Lydiar PBs posted anywhere?


Scooter said...

I'm not sure if it is posted anywhere, but Mike's pre-Lydiard marathon time was (I think) 2:47:xx - his first Lydiard based marathon was 2:39:xx, and he felt he'd paced himself poorly. I trust Mike will post precise details shortly.

Mike said...

I should post this stuff somewhere. 5K (from 17:09 to 16:48), 10K (35:51 to 34:11), the 10 mile (57:43 to 56:09), half-marathon (1:15:25 to 1:12:49) and marathon (2:47:53 to 2:39:58). I did run a 10K under 33 (a minute faster than pre-Lydiard on the same course), but I think it was maybe 6 miles at the longest! The half marathon dropped 1000 feet in elevation, which is why the time is so disparate from the others. Thanks for asking, I love numbers.

Scooter said...

In the interest of ease and speed, why not prepare a post of it (and if you want to bury it, just use an old date), then post the permalink in your sidebar. Quick, easy and you can modify it just by editing the post.

Duncan Larkin said...

That 5k PR sticks out like sore thumb...enough posted on it already, but you need to take that one down next.