Sunday, March 19, 2006

Patrick's Loop

Ran with Lucas and Dan from the Running Shop this morning way out in west Tucson. Dan showed us Patrick's Loop, a 13 mile run mostly on washboard dirt roads, with lots of rollers and amazing scenery. Aside from it taking a good half an hour to get there, it was a great run. The first two miles were a persistent uphill, and I thought for a few minutes I would get dropped prematurely even though we couldn't have been running under 7:30 pace or so. This worried me a bit, but after a few miles of downhill I actually started feeling good. In fact, by about 9 miles in I was really loosening up and feeling like a real runner again.

The last 2-3 miles were at a pretty steady downhill, and the three of us opened up a bit and ran fairly strong back to Dan's truck. I was surprised to see when we finished that an advertised 13 mile loop was actually almost 13 miles. Most training runs with an advertised distance are usually at least 10% shorter, so this course at 12.75 with the Garmin was pretty close. We ended up averaging 6:47, which for me was a good effort. I was planning this to be my third "faster" day of the week, since Dan and Jason (who ended up being sick and stayed home) are both much faster runners than me. Thankfully Dan took it easy on both Lucas and me, though, so it ended up just being a really nice run on a cool Tucson morning.

We finished just as some building clouds started to drop a bit of rain, so the timing couldn't have been better. I'm hoping for another short shakeout run tonight to get the miles a bit more over 100 (not the 110 I had planned though), and hopefully I'll have a nice day off with the family.

This ends week 6 of my Lydiard conditioning phase, and I'm hopeful that a hilly run like today, plus my weekly trips into Sabino Canyon will help me transition fairly smoothly to the four week hill phase that begins in a week. This week, aside from feeling crappy on my long run, was really the kind of running week I wanted for more of my conditioning phase. I managed to sqeeze in a fair amount of marathon pace, a little tempo, a good amount of hills, and three doubles (so far). In a perfect world I would have done some striding (though the day isn't over yet), and I would have fit in a few more miles at tempo pace. Have a good rest f the weekend.

Training: 12.75 miles, 1:26:21, 6:47 pace


Thomas Sørensen said...

Hi Mike

It sounds like all the small 'niggles' are subsiding and the good effort runns become close to effortless. I'm sure you will feel a big difference during your second Lydiard hill phase compared to the first one.

I'll think of you and dream of a proper Lydiard conditioning phase when I'm out there.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Aren't the roads out in west Tucson awesome? Great running terrain...Johnny keeps trying to get me to run out there, but I'm scared of being run over. How were the trucks out there?

R2B said...

now you have 5 readers...and how mant lurkers?
Good work...i am starting to train with Hadds methods a contemparary of the great NZer Arthur Lydiard!

I will keep an eye on your blog and see if i can learn somethings!
Cheers R2B

Ps Kerryn McCann from my club placed 4th in the rock and roll marathon last year and won the Commonwealth games Mara today (at 38years of age)some runner huh?

robtherunner said...

Sounds like you'll be ready for the hill phase.

edinburghrunner said...

With a sick family all around you I'm very impressed that you look like getting through the conditioning in one piece.