Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Personal Bests and Marathon History

Personal Bests:

Marathon, 2:37:08, 5:59 pace
102nd place, 11/2/08, New York City Marathon

Half marathon, 1:12:49, 5:34 pace
4th place, 12/4/05, Tucson Half Marathon

10 mile, 54:52, 5:29 pace
16th place, 10/22/06, Get Moving Tucson

10K, 34:11, 5:30 pace
7th place, 1/29/06

8K, 25:32, 5:20 pace
10th place, 10/5/08, Jim Click's Run'n'Roll

5K, 16:07, 5:11 pace
8th place, 5/21/06, Tucson 5000


12/3/2000, 3:11:46, Tucson Marathon
12/9/2001, 2:59:17, Tucson Marathon
1/11/2004 2:56:54, Phoenix Rock'n'Roll Marathon
5/30/2004, 2:47:57, Vermont City Marathon
6/5/2005, 2:50:16, San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon
1/15/2006, 2:39:58, Phoenix Rock'n'Roll Marathon
6/4/2006, 2:43:50, San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon
12/3/2006, 2:37:32, California International Marathon
10/7/2007, 2:48:04, Twin Cities Marathon
12/2/2007, 2:41:00, Tucson Marathon
1/13/2008, 2:37:43, Phoenix Rock'n'Roll Marathon
11/02/08, 2:37:08, New York City Marathon


tb1 said...

Hi Mike,
I just caught up with all of your previous blogs. I really enjoyed the diatribe....I mean dialog between you and Sasha. I was also entertained by the information presented by everyone that participated in the discussion. I think that is part of the reason for having a blog. I picked up a lot of pointers to consider in my own training. Thanks also for posting your racing times. I think there could be hope for me to get to 3.5 hours sometime in the next 3 or 4 years (HA). Keep up the excellent writing and thanks to everyone who responds.

D said...

Mike: Asic 2100 replaced w/2110 I think. I don't like the new model. Any suggestions? (I pronate slightly w/slightly wide feet and narrow heals.)

Your marathon progression is certainly impressive! I agree w/tb1 - your site guarantees useful information.

Paul said...

Awesome progression throught the marathon times! The year-over-year (OK 2 year) decrease of 17 minutes in Phoenix says volumes for your current training program. Imagine the condition you'll be in when you reach the 3-5 year 'Lydiard Maturity' point.

Homeslice said...

Either that 5k PR is really soft or you only have one speed!

Enjoyed stumbling upon your blog, keep it up with the running (and the blogging).