Monday, March 06, 2006

The Road Back

It's time to start feeling good again. Last week was honestly difficult for me, and I'm trying to figure out exactly why. I stalled getting out on the roads several times, and I ran slower and shorter than I planned. I'm sleeping better, I'm eating fairly well, I am a little sick but just the coughs at night and lots of snot in the morning which isn't bad. My body just didn't handle the training very well last week.

This week I'm trying to do things a bit differently. Instead of singles, I'm breaking up some of my shorter days into two runs. Hopefully this will help me recover better, which is something Nobby told me awhile ago. One of the goals of my conditioning phase during this second go-around with Lydiard training was to spend more time at faster paces, and it's necessary for me to feel good in order to run faster.

A second issue is a half-marathon that comes at the end of this week. While it's not a high priority for me, I would like to run well alongside friend and Running Shop teammate Lucas. A half-marathon is an aerobic effort, so I don't feel like I'm breaking Arthur's insistence on not running at anaerobic paces during the conditioning phase. It would be nice to go into the race feeling good instead of dragging.

Speaking of Lucas, we dragged around together for a little over 8 miles this morning. We didn't head out until 7, so I was able to get a good night's rest after yesterday's endless run. Hopefully we'll both be up to the challenging course by Sunday, and the rest of the team will run well.

Training: 8.43 miles, 1:00:00 (yes, Lucas runs by time), 7:07 pace


Hunter said...

Mike, what's your take on the purpose of hill running in the conditioning phase? It's different from the hill bounding in the next phase, right?

Thomas said...

8.43 miles. I bet you're already planning on making up either 0.07 or 0.57 miles in the next few days.

Duncan Larkin said...

Mike, thanks for the kind comments on my race. Sorry to hear about the bad week. I like the plan to break it up into doubles. Good luck with your race at the end of the week.