Friday, March 10, 2006

Sick Kids

Do not let the smiling face fool you, he is not a happy camper. Haiden and Finn are both running fevers of about 101. Snotty, rubbed-raw-by-tissue noses continue to produce copious amounts of mucus, eyes are often full of tears, and sleep is scarce. At least Haiden is old enough now to communicate her sorrow in words. At 2am, when she refuses to take the ibuprofin, she says "I just want to lie down and go to sleep." The sentiment is echoed by mom and dad, but sadly, no one is sleeping much.

Speaking of sleep, mystery-adductor-groin-inguinal hernia pain reached a fevered-pitch yesterday at noon. I was visibly limping for a few hours, and it felt like my leg socket just didn't fit my leg right. By evening I was feeling fine again, but I still didn't chance it by going out for the planned 4 easy evening miles. I blame this pain on sleeping on my side. For some reason I end up exacerbating the pain I sometimes get in my right leg when I do this. I feel it after getting up in the morning, but it's fine while I run. Upon completion of the run, or when I cough, it sometimes hurts a great deal. Sometimes it's fine. If I sleep only on my back or stomache, it rarely bugs me at all. Kiera gets a kick out of how I blame my leg pain on sleeping rather than running, since it seems I do about equal amounts of each activity.

I woke up today with no pain at all, so I just ran 8 miles easy...very easy. Recovery easy, I assure you. I didn't do any strides, mostly because of yesterday's pain. I finished the run feeling better than when I started, which is a good sign. Tomorrow (and perhaps this evening) will be more of the same in anticipation of the half-marathon Sunday. I'm still a little nervous about how it will go, but there's not much I can do about it now except rest well (hah) and eat right.

Training: 8 miles, 58:40, 7:20 pace, easy, easy, easy


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Ohhhhh....poor babies!! What Haiden said is so precious! Hopefully their mommy will feel up to running in the winter storm tomorrow morning...

Hope the pain stays at bay - it sounds, well, painful! Good luck this weekend.

Thanks for the reminder to sign up for Sabino! I did, so I'm all set.

Scooter said...

A "feel better" to the whole "S" family! Good luck in the half!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Sorry to hear they are sick. Still looks so cute. Hope they are well soon.