Friday, March 31, 2006

Something I Learned Today

No, not the Husker Du song, though it's a fine tune. I was thinking about an anonymous comment on this blog that said in part, "I would say that your life is not set up for competitive running. It seems that someone is always sick or puking or not getting enough sleep." This was followed by a kind mention of my perseverance. I started thinking about whether this person was right, and I have to say no. Though Kiera's illness, Haiden's short-lived virus, and Finn's assorted maladies I've been taught some lessons in true perseverance, courage and resolve.

My wife has an incredible tolerance for pain and discomfort, and manages to keep a brave face on for the rest of the household even in her most difficult moments. Childbirth is an obvious example, but her recent suffering through sinus and ear infections that resulted in an eardrum rupture is a current one. Even while waiting an hour and a half past her scheduled appointment for a different medication (the first one isn't working), she felt worse for the others in the waiting room with worse maladies. A couple with a small baby hooked up to oxygen that she told me about comes to mind. At her most sick, Kiera still is patient with the kids and puts up with my griping about having to do everything, which pushes my running schedule around. I wish I could be more like her, minus the puss-filled ear of course.

Haiden, our 3 1/2 year old daughter shares some of her mother's fine qualities. When she caught her latest 24 hour bug, which left her throwing up with a sore stomach most of the day, she had an incredibly positive attitude. No cries about "Why does this happen to me", which is something her wimpy father is prone to doing, especially if I get the slightest sniffle. Up until the 10 seconds before throwing up she just made do happily, just stopping to cry in time for me to grab the vomit-bowl. Between Kiera and Haiden's use of said bowl, it's previous role as a cookie mixing vessel will probably never be repeated. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that a child isn't born with the persecution complex I carry along. It's a learned thing, and probably a cowardly alternative to just accepting that bad things happen sometimes for no reason and moving on appropriately, which is what Haiden does.

Finn, our 9 month old son, has gone through wearing a helmet 23 hours a day early on, and has suffered from the usual sniffles that come with sharing a house with an older sibling. He is certainly strong-willed, even at this young age, and while I'm sure this is partially me projecting, he certainly seems to enjoy life. He especially likes attention from any member of the family (or friends), and he is always looking to interract with others. Since the second he figured out how to pull himself forward he has been a relentless crawler as well, and will do his best to circumvent any obstacle, even if it means crawling over a sister intent on impeding him.

These are the examples I have to learn from, and while there are always scheduling conficts, sleeplessness, inadequate recovery, money woes and plenty of vomit, I can't imagine my life without them. Pain tolerance, a positive attitude and outlook, and perseverance are all traits a marathoner can use. And the vomit, well, that comes with the territory.

Back to some semblance of normal today, with a nice morning run.

Training: 16 miles, 1:53:10, 7:04 pace

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angie's pink fuzzy said...

Your post had me cracking up today.

And really, what are blogs for? An outlet! Especially for all the moaning and groaning and "why does this happen to me" feelings. What better way to express what's going on, how we want to fix it and how it gets better than in a place where we can receive validation and commiseration :)