Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Streak Ends

I've mentioned before that I like scheduling my long run at the beginning of the week. During the early phases of Lydiard training, it's probably the most important run, so planning it within the first few days of the week ensures it will get done, even if it has to be rescheduled. Wait until the last day of the week to do it, and-well, all hell can break loose.

As I was getting dressed to leave for 22 miles on Sunday, Kiera went into the bathroom to try to throw up. She had been having bad headaches on Saturday, but I guess things really went wrong at night and now she was feeling awful. I decided to postpone my run until naptime, thinking things would improve. They didn't. They haven't. Kiera's been running a high fever with chills, throwing up, and probably a sinus infection in her ear and throat (not that you can ever get in to see a damn doctor on Monday). I didn't run at all Sunday. My only chance was at about 8:45pm., after both kids were finally down for good and I was just shot. I chalked it up as my first skipped day since August 4, set the alarm for 4:00am the next morning, hoping to get in 90 minutes or so and to be home by the time the kids got up.

3:52am and Haiden is screaming. She's thrown up in bed, and is very unhappy. This was the story yesterday. Kiera was still as bad, and I spend the day carrying a bowl behind Haiden while watching Finn. At one point, with the bowl out of reach, I manage to catch a surprising amount of puke in my cupped hands. Not our best day here. Mercifully, everyone but me goes down for a nap at 1pm and I get out for 9 miles and my first Lydiard hill circuit day. They are all still asleep when I return, which makes me feel less guilty.

When the kids wake, it's off with both of them to pick up the Death Cab for Cutie concert tix at will call across town. I'd surprised Kiera with these, but now she was too sick to go and of course they're non-refundable. We pick them up, sell them outside the theater, then Haiden wants to try eating dinner. As we are in the courtyard of a nearby pizza place she starts crying, which means I have about ten seconds until she starts puking. We do make it outside in the double-stroller before she lets loose, but it isn't pretty. ...And she still wants pizza. She does end up eating some while I feed Finn, and we all make it back across town by bedtime. Dishes, shopping and finally dinner for me follow around 9, which is bad since I haven't eaten since breakfast (before the run). Needless to say, no double.

I set the alarm for 4 again with hopes of a run and getting home by 6, when everyone should get up (like yesterday), and Kiera is awake and unhappy on the couch. Thankfully she's going to the doc at 11 today. As I'm drinking my coffee Finn gets up, so he's in here with me and I'll try for a run during nap again. I'm hoping Haiden will be well enough for school, and I'm taking the day off from work to care for the little one.

Since the computer is in the bedroom (where Kiera has been resting) so I haven't been able to check and blogs or the like, but hopefully everyone will be well soon. The only blog I've checked in on is Rubbish Runner Thomas, who unfortunately had a rough time at the Connemara marathon. He's had some trouble with sickness too, so wish him well, I feel for him.

Training: none so far today
Yesterday, 9 miles, 1:16 or so, with 4 hill circuits of 13 minutes or so
Sunday: 0
Total miles for the week: 88


Thomas said...

I know you're disappointed on missing your runs, but I'm glad to hear that you don't hesitate in putting your family on the higher priority. Don't fret too much about the lost training - it's not going to make any difference in your long term development.

Actually I feel ok about Connemara. I would have finished a lot faster if I hadn't been sick, but I'm pleased with the effort all the same, even if it's not reflected in the finishing time.

Thanks for thinking about me. Appreciated.

tb1 said...

Hang in there Mike, we all have terrible days. Although I do have to admit it, I wouldn't want to trade weekends with you.

By being there for your family now, they will be there for you when you need it. I'm guessing that you more than likely needed a complete day off from running anyway whether you think you do or not. Since reading your blog about 6 months ago, I have considered my easy days as days off. I finally found out this past weekend that I am not able to do that indefinately and I crashed. Now I'm trying to put my training back together.

Thanks for being so motivated to continue your blog even when you have valid reasons for missing a few days. You have a lot of fans cheering for you. Good luck catching back up to your training schedule.

Duncan Larkin said...

I don't think it can get more insane that this. If you can juggle all these balls, you can do anything--including running a PR in June. These 'lost' miles won't matter a darn; don't sweat it. I know you are meticulous, but trust me on this one.

Anonymous said...

I would say that your life is not set up for competitive running. It seems that someone is always sick or puking or not getting enough sleep. Blah blah blah...(me not you)

It is amazing that you do as well as you do. In fact it is incredible. When I was running my best miles I was single or married with no kids (that came later). As soon as a child was introduced into the mix my running deteriorated something awful. Of course by then I was over 40 with close to twenty years on my legs.

No, you get the academy award for perserverance.

robtherunner said...

I would say running since August 4th is a pretty good stretch and it sounds like you missed the run for good reason. I hope the household is in better shape soon.

Sasha Pachev said...

Sounds very familiar. Hang in there. My advice - don't try 100+ a week if your recovery cannot be planned unless you know you are made of steel and it takes 150+/week to break you. Instead, do what maintains fitness but does not break you, eg. 70/ a week.
Regarding skipped days. I am a firm believer in 6 days a week with Sunday always off. I started doing it when I joined the LDS church primarily for a religious reason, but since then have discovered that a day of full rest once a week has physiological and mental benefits for me.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Oh my. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Zach said...

Hey Mike. When I found your blog a few weeks ago, I was glued to my PC while I read through your posts. Thanks for sharing your running experiences! Don't sweat the missed day too much. I'm sure it's much worse on your psyche than your fitness! Keep up the good work and best wishes on getting your family back to health!