Thursday, March 09, 2006

Turning a Corner

...or at least I hope I am. Ran 4 easy after putting the kids to bed last night. Haiden is (predictably) sick after her first week of school, and it seems that Finn has a touch of what she has. Finn screamed for about 90 minutes straight, starting at 9:30, then got up two or three times after that (I lost count). During one of his fits I turned off my alarm, figuring the kids would be up early enough to get me out the door. You know what happens when I do that.

At 6:35 Haiden finally comes into our room, which gets me up in a panic since I had about two hours of running planned. A super-quick breakfast and I'm out the door for 16, where I follow my plan of ignoring the watch and running solely by feel to get a handle on just how tired I am.

The miles rolled by fairly quickly, and even the tough 4 mile uphill stretch on the way back home was manageable. I finished the run and finally looked at the watch to find that I ran at 6:59 pace. I actually was hoping it would have been a little faster since I seemed to be moving, but it's still a good run after running twice yesterday, which I'm not used to.

My right adductor is giving me a little trouble now that I'm at work, and I have to figure it's just getting used to running a little more often. I'll keep an eye on it, but while it's hurting I'm really not able to do any core work, which would probably help alleviate the stress on it. I know, the vicious cycle. You can't strengthen something while it's hurting you, and the hurt won't stop until you strengthen the muscle (or the supporting muscles).

This was my last "longer" run until the half-marathon on Sunday, and I'll be doing a "mini-taper" until then with both reduced mileage and intensity. The race should be a good test of my aerobic fitness, but not much more than that. Hopefully I can still run fairly well, even though it's shaping up to be a 95-100 mile week.

Training: Today, 16 miles, 1:51:44, 6:59 pace
Yesterday p.m., 4 miles, 28:40, 7:10 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, no! hope Haiden and Finn feel better soon.

Eric said...

Hey Mike. Glad you're coming out of the funk. I noticed you aren't doing much in the way of recovery. Are you just not posting those runs or are you considering 7:10 a recovery pace? =) Tsk tsk!

Mike said...

I swear it was slower for the first 6 miles! Don't worry, I post every inch I travel.

Love2Run said...

Maybe the 1/2 can be a relaxed pace recovery 'race'? Have fun with it!

tb1 said...

I have to agree with Eric. We don't hear much about your "easy" or "recovery" days. What's up? Do you have any? I can't train without them but then I'm way old.