Friday, April 14, 2006

Because it Says 16 Miles

The view from Phoneline trail, Sabino Canyon

You have to get up earlier than they do. You leave the house on foot to get in 4 miles before showing up at the trailhead that most people drive to. You run the Phoneline Trail, a little over five miles into Sabino Canyon, scrambling over craggy rocks and gaining elevation with every step. You run the road back down, where most congregate in the parking lot and pat themselves on the back for running the 9 difficult miles.

But not you.

There's still another 3 miles and change in the cards. Yes, the adductor is sore, and yes work is calling. But it says 16 miles in pencil on the calendar and today that's enough. Sometimes a buddy like Lucas even comes through and slogs the last miles with you just to keep you company.

Training: 16 miles, 2:04:38, 7:51 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

nice :)

I'm starting to pencil in workouts - and finding that when I do, I'm much more likely to actually complete the amount of miles I want. Very satisfying.

Are you doing the Sabino Sunset run tomorrow evening? Johnny and Ash decided to skip the birthday party, and come out to watch me be the last one in instead :) Should be fun!

edinburghrunner said...

Looks like a good workout - do you know what sort of elevation you are climbing?

Mike said...

I think it goes from 2700 feet up to 5000, but the first two miles on the Phoneline trail must be 70% of that. It's quite breathtaking for the first 20 minutes!

Anonymous said...

yes Mike, most of the crushing happens in the first 11 minutes.


Mike said...

Dan, I thought the soul crushing took 15:25 up in Mesa last night. Nice work

Anonymous said...

There would have been much more crushing if there hadn't been 20mph winds. PLus Jason and I were trying to run under 15 minutes...without the help of anyone else. We led for 4600m before we got punked at the end

Ashton Kutcher said...

My best 5k ever!