Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crashing by Design

What the hell did I think would happen? Note to self: One easy day is not enough between a 20 miler with 14 at marathon pace and a 5K time trial at 7/8 effort.

It started last night after putting the kids to bed. I'm in the bathroom, absolutely dreading the thought of going out at 8pm for 4 easy miles. Kiera sees me wavering, and after telling her I'm just feeling too tired to run she says, "Well maybe that means you shouldn't run and you should just go to bed." Makes perfect sense when she says it. The anaerobic/track phase of Lydiard training is about gaining speed while maintaining endurance, so some of these extra easy sessions should probably fall by the wayside in favor of me feeling better on my hard, fast days. This is a tough phase for me, as Lydiard's boys seemed to be able to keep running twice a day even during the fast stuff. I'm sure their overall mileage decreased from their conditioning phase, but I'm not sure by how much. ...And I'm not them anyway, so I need to figure out what works best for me.

5K hard this morning did not work best for me. After trying to get to bed early, Kiera and I were up for awhile sorting out the details of what I have to do while she is away until Wednesday night. After that was sorted out, Haiden started screaming a bit, so we didn't really get to bed until 11. This made my 3am wake up call particularly brutal. With headlamp and Asics DS trainers I walked to the end of the driveway. I had just enough time for the workout- 2 miles easy, 5K at 7/8 effort, 1 mile easy, 3 miles at marathon pace, 1 mile easy. The marathon pace part isn't really Lydiard, but I added it because Lucas had it on his schedule and we were originally planning to do this together. That plan was scratched after Kiera's trip was announced but I decided to keep the workout anyway.

I'll keep it short, the workout sucked. My legs were heavy, my breathing labored, my pace slow. I gutted it out and just tried to go by effort, but running noticably slower than I had planned was really killing the joy. 17:05, or 5:31 pace. Hmm, that's about 10K pace, which is too slow for this kind of workout. After an easy mile I decided to cancel the marathon pace portion, mostly because this should be by effort and I just couldn't take the thought of my marathon pace effort being somewhere around 6:10+. Even so, I did run one mile at 5:59 pace, just to make sure I still could. The effort was definitely more than "marathon effort" though, so I called it off at that point and jogged home, arriving about 10 minutes before Kiera left to drive to the airport and just as Finn was waking up.

If I could do it all over again, I would certainly have waited until tomorrow to do this workout, but with Kiera gone it just wasn't possible. A 5K time trial while pushing two kids in a jogging stroller, while comical, would hardly be ideal. Part of the challenge of running as a married 34-year-old man with two young kids is making do with the time and energy I have left after doing the important things. Today I did crash by design, and probably if it had gone well it would have meant I ran too easy on my marathon pace run on Thursday. Hell, I'm too tired to figure it out now. There will be other days.

Check out Eric's blog and yell at him to get the race result up for the 5K he did today. I want to read about someone who didn't blow it. Hey, speaking of racing well and not blowing it, that reminds me- congrats to Marc on his 5K PR this weekend.

Training: 9 miles, 1:00:17, 6:43 pace, with 5K time trial in 17:05 (5:31 pace), 1 mile easy, 1 mile at 5:59 pace


Love2Run said...

Hmmm, maybe we should listen to coach more ..."Well maybe that means you shouldn't run and you should just go to bed." Our spouses are more attuned to our energy levels and training that we often realize.

The image of doing a 5k effort with double stroller is quite interesting. Hang in there Mike!

Eric said...

Sorry the workout didn't go as planned. You never know how those things are going to go. Given the circumstances, though, 17:05 isn't anything to hang your head about. Anyway, it's not the time you were looking for, but the stimulus.

Tomorrow, tomorrow. Get some sleep!

Marc said...

Mike - Thanks for the nod! On your run - I would think that you still reaped value out of stressing the system. Though not emotionally fulfilling and not the speed you were lookin for, but as Eric said, the stimulus is always good.

I used to run with the double jogger stroller but nowhere near the pace you would be looking at for the time trail. Hell, nowhere near the paces I would looking at for a recovery run. More like entertainment for the boys.

the wife said...

Well, if you remember correctly, Michael, when you said that you didn't feel like running, the FIRST thing I said was, "That probably means you need to force yourself to run." And then insert some bitter laughter.

No, really. Good call, love2run.