Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't Force it

Guilty as charged today of pushing the pace a bit. After a good week highlighted by a faster-than-usual long run I wanted to keep the momentum going into this week. Today was 16 miles solo, and I decided to go solely by feel and not check the Garmin for pace until after finishing. I knew I was off to a fairly quick start and I decided to try to keep working at a pretty solid pace for the duration of the run. I did have to work a bit harder to keep the same leg cadence at about 11 miles, where I turned and headed for home through three miles of uphill. Once back in the driveway I checked my pace and was happy to see a 6:44 average for the run.

Arthur Lydiard's right hand man, Nobby Hashizume, has warned me in the past about this kind of run. He advocates letting the times come down naturally on these midweek runs and not to force the effort. Still, it's hard for me to always trust my progress, and sometimes it feels good to move along the road. While I did run out of gas a little towards the end, it was a good day nonetheless.

Kiera and the kids took a day trip up to Phoenix today so I'm all on my own, which means I can meet with the guys from The Running Shop for an easy six this evening guilt-free. This will make 20 for the day, so hopefully I'll get some rest after for tomorrow's hill workout. Work is a bit crazy so that's it for now.

Training: 16 miles, 1:47:42, 6:44 pace

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edinburghrunner said...

I know the feeling, albeit at a much slower relative pace!