Monday, April 03, 2006

Eight Days a Week

Apparently running from 8:30-11:30am in Tucson can give you a toasty sunburn, which I learned yesterday afternoon after looking in the mirror. After that difficult run I took it easy this morning and gave Kiera a break by taking Haiden in the jogging stroller for a muffin run. I'm planning another run this evening, either my first of three hill days if I'm feeling good or just four easy if I'm not. Since it's hard to run any of my three longer runs at a good clip while doing hill workouts on alternate days, I'm considering combining one day of hill work with a 16 miler, which might give me one extra day of the week to run at faster paces for a shorter distance. What I do tonight will determine that. As I've mentioned before, Lydiard training would be a snap if weeks were eight days long instead of seven.

Training: 6 miles so far, 7:50ish pace, easy with Haiden


Anonymous said...


I ran 15:40 and Lucas ran 16:30 at the race for the cure. We're your part-time training partners. You need to come out for some rust busting soon. I'm gonna throw down at the Spring XC classic, and I expect to see you there to crush the souls of the weak. There will be much crushing.


Mike said...

You mean I can't expect to run a low 16 by just pushing a stroller at 7:50 pace all the time? I did run another 4 at 7:23 pace tonight, though it tired me out. Nice work at the race, you're coming on strong at the right time. Hopefully I can catch least to Lucas with some luck by the classic. If you take out Robert, Lucas and I can beat the rest of them.

Bart said...

Hi Mike. I enjoy your blog, although I usually just lurk. However, you comment that "Lydiard training would be a snap if weeks were eight days long instead of seven" raised a question. Is there a reason that you can't change from a weekly schedule to an eight-day training cycle, especially during the hill phase?