Monday, April 17, 2006

Hill Week 3 in the Books

After waking at 4 Sunday to get in my long run before the Easter festivities I headed out onto the dark Tucson streets. However, about 5 miles in I started thinking about how long everyone was going to have to wait for me to come home to have the egg hunt (which Finn would probably be napping through), so I looped back home with 6 miles done. This left time for egg-hiding and finding, Easter baskets, and a little coffee cake before another 14 miles in the sun. It was kind of an unorthodox long run, but 20 miles nonetheless.

Week three of four during the Lydiard hill phase went pretty well, with the now customary 95 miles getting covered in 9 workouts-
Monday, 6am., 4pm easy
Tuesday, 9 miles hills
Wednesday, 16 miles fast am., 6 miles slow pm.
Thurday, 9 miles hills
Friday, 16 miles, tough with Phoneline trail
Saturday, 9 miles hills
Sunday, 20 miles

Today I took to the hill for the usual 9 miles. My plan is to work hard for the beginning of the week, with 16 miles tomorrow morning and a second hill day Wednesday, and then taper off a bit Thursday and Friday for a 5K cross-country race Saturday. This is the last week of the hill phase, and I'll only be doing two days of hill repeats, but the hilly and tough race on Saturday should make up for it.

The family is doing well, and we had a very nice Easter weekend. My parents came into town for the afternoon, and we hosted them and my brother's family for a big dinner. Somehow I managed to gobble ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans with bacon, biscuits, cheesecake, some milkshake (hey, the kids were having them), and 2 beers. I know I went a little overboard, but I did skip lunch. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Training: Today, 9 miles, 1:17:00, with 4 hill repeats and 4 sets of 3x100 downhill strides. Easy on the strides as the adductor is still sore.
Yesterday: 20 miles, 2:25:50, 7:17 pace, took it easy
Miles for the week: 95 in 9 sessions

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Ryan said...

Excellent workout, Mike.

Just found your blog and I wish you luck as you prep for San Diego.

With your speed/fitness level, I'll be drawing off of your workouts as I try for a BQ in Chicago on 10/22/06.