Friday, April 28, 2006

I Want to See the Movies of my Dreams

"Easy" was the word today, as yesterday's word was "tough". I was so intent on running easy that I actually took the time to load the iPod shuffle with tunes from Built to Spill (see post title from "Car"), The Beatles "Revolver", Spoon (Austin band who has been trying to recreate "Revolver" for 6 years with some success), Wilco, The Replacements, Buffalo Tom...and who am I kidding, some Hall and Oates. Easy means slow enough to sing the Oates harmonies. Dork.

11 miles around Sabino Canyon and through some neighborhoods. For 9 miles it was pure pleasure, I got a little tired the last two but I strided in a bit on the last mile. The struggling musician I used to be comes to the fore on the few runs I do with music (once a month or so). It's the only time I can actually concentrate on the music, as it's impossible to do while the kids are awake and it's all NPR to and from work. From age 16 to 28 I was convinced I would be a musician, and so many of my own songs, finished and not, drift through my head when I listen to other peoples' tunes. OK, so I'm guilty of putting a few of my own on the shuffle mix, like this one.

I still dream of maybe getting a publishing company going, with all my free time (ha!) in the summer, writing and recording demo songs with garageband on my mac to sell to those unfortunate souls booted from American Idol. The one song I did sell went nowhere, though I was promised it would be used on the soundtrack for the ill-fated "Bye Bye Love" movie (when a movie stars Steve Guttenberg isn't it redundant to call it ill-fated?). They supposedly switched the format to all oldies at the last minute though, which is why I'm driving an 95 Jetta with peeling paint and no doorlocks instead of that yuppie Prius I've been eyeing.

Hmm, not much talk about running today. I do plan on 4 more easy tonight, then a quality session EARLY tomorrow of 5K hard, 1 mile easy, then 5K at marathon pace. This will be done in the dark at 4:30 or so, which should be interesting and difficult, hence the easy stuff today.

Training: 11 miles, 1:20:45, 7:22. "I wanna see it untame itself and break its owner" -Car, Built to Spill


Eric said...

You, my friend, are a frickin' hippie. I'll take my Hummer, Pat Boone, and Fox News any day of the week.

Have fun with that 5k TT. I'll be doing one myself at eight tomorrow. First race in a while. It should rock!

Omniscient said...

Wilco, The Replacements, NPR, alternative fuel, Running...

Outstanding choices.

Fox News...pfff!

Mike said...

Don't worry Jason, Eric's just yanking our collective chains (come on, Pat Boone? I'd say go with Travis Tritt). He was quite a fast guy when he was young like you are now, hopefully he still is now that he's back to some serious training. Not sure he'll beat your 15:24 from a few weeks ago just yet, though I hope he gets close.

tb1 said...

If you don't blog about anything other than running I'm going to think you're weird. But I guess the fact that you listen to Hall and Oates is a pretty good indicator. Just kidding. My training isn't quite where I'd like it to be, but at least it will be better than AZR&R. April's gone; May will fly. Hello starting line.