Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Wrote That?

Cheerios? What else ya' got?

Back on Febrary 6 I wrote the following outline for my Lydiard training program for the June 6 Rock and Roll marathon in San Diego-

7 weeks of conditioning (2/6-3/26): Pretty much 100 miles a week in singles, give or take 5, plus hopefully a few short evening runs. The typical week will look like this-
Monday-22-28 miles
Tuesday-10 miles
Wednesday-18 miles
Thursday-10 miles strong
Friday-16 miles hilly
Saturday-10 miles strong
Sunday-12 miles

The long runs will alternate in length for 7 weeks, something like 24, 24, 22, 28, 24, 22, 28 and the "strong" efforts are days when I hope to run close to marathon pace for part of the run. The hilly day will be...well, hilly of course

4 week hill phase (3/27-4/23): Mileage will drop a little, the hill circuit will be the same as last time, which was 4 circuits of 12-15 minutes of steep-hill running and bounding uphill for 3 minutes, running easily downhill, then doing sets of windsprints at the base of the hill. Two weeks will look like this-
Monday-22-28 miles
Tuesday-10 miles hills
Wednesday-1.5-2 hours
Thursday-10 miles hills
Friday-2 hours
Saturday-10 miles hills
Sunday-10x100 strides/windsprints

The second two weeks will each have a race on Saturday (a hilly 7 miler and a cross-country 5K) and an easy 1-1.5 hours Sunday instead of windsprints

6 weeks anaerobic and coordination phase and taper (4/24-6/3): Shorter timeframe for this, as I think I carried on with the hard stuff too long before my last marathon. The details of this phase are still forming but most weeks will consist of the following-
one 2 mile to 5K time trial
one longer marathon pace/tempo run (12-15 miles) or a race
one day of 50-sprint 50-floats or sprinting 100 every 200
one 2 hour plus long run

I'll also do one 20+ mile marathon pace run three weeks before the race, as well as a two week taper

So it hasn't exactly gone to plan. I averaged just over 94 miles per week for the first 7 conditioning weeks, with a few more doubles than originally planned. Where I blew the mileage was in missing one long run (which still haunts me since I'm a freak) and a week at 86 miles when I eased off to run a half marathon. I did get in one 28 miler, but the rest of the long runs were usually 22 or 24. Also, my 18 milers were often whittled down to 16 milers in order to recover more. I spent some time at tempo and marathon pace, but I could have probably benefitted from a little more of it.

The hill phase is looking pretty close to my plan so far, although I did have to switch an easy run for one planned hill workout. My circuit is ending up 9 miles this time instead of 10, mostly so I can get Haiden to school on time. I am happy with the speeds I've been running on the longer days here, and I've managed to keep the mileage right around 95 through some family turmoil and illness. I decided not to do the 7 mile race this Saturday so the third (this week) will look like the first two, but I will be doing the 5K the following Saturday which will mark the official end of conditioning/hill work and the start of speedwork.

The last six weeks are starting to concern me. I'm hoping my body is ready to start right in on marathon pace work along with shorter, faster speedwork the week after next. Unfortunately with the 3 hill workouts a week and three longer runs I'm doing now it's hard to fit in marathon pace so I fear I'll be a little rusty. This is where I'm drifting a little off the standard Lydiard course, as most of his schedules would stretch this last 6 week block into 8-10 weeks. Time is of the essence though, so I'm making do with what I have while taking into account that I think I started to get a little stale before the marathon last time on a longer schedule.

So I guess that's the progress report and some scheduling nonsense for those who have forgotten or recently joined the party.


Marc said...

Mike - Nice recap and progress report. From where I sit the drfit from the original plan doesn't seem to be enough to really throw you too far off course. Though I fully understand the inability of the running fanatic (meant in the best possible way)to let go of missed runs.

Have you thought of trying to build in some flexibility/contingency in your future planning to account for life's inevitable interruptions?

robtherunner said...

Don't worry Mike we will cut you some slack this time around. Probably a lot more than you cut yourself. I am always amazed that you can come as close as you do to following the current plan. I still have dreams of being able to follow a Lydiard program in the future. I keep telling myself that after this year I am going to spend a year focusing on the marathon and see what I can do. Don't hold me to those words though.

Anonymous said...

the suffering and crushing of souls is coming. there will be much crushing. 5k on the track for me tonight.


Mike said...

Flexibility? You must be kidding Marc! Seriously, I guess I'll just try to deal with what comes my way when it inevitably does, but I worry if I plan for it I'll prematurely bail from my set course.

Rob, if you do you will have a huge jump on most people with your years of endurance training. I hope you go for it...once you're out of school for your family's sake.

Dan, Dan, always with the crushing of souls. Good luck tonight, go out smart so you can finish strong.