Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Training Partners

Nice people, but I swear I feel like I literally have to push them along to get through a workout.

Week 1 of my 4 weeks of anaerobic/coordination phase ended with a whimper today. 6 miles with the kids in the double stroller, including a quick stop for a muffin to go. Somewhere between 7:30 and 7:45 pace, though who's counting. I'll try to get out for 4 more, but pushing both Haiden and Finn is tough.

I ended up getting in my three quality days I had planned for the week, with a set of 800's, 14 miles of marathon pace, and one 5K time trial, though I ended up being tired for the time trial yesterday. I was hoping for more miles, but with Kiera suddenly heading out of town the daily totals for yesterday and today are a little short of what I had planned. The week ended up looking like this-

84 miles in 9 sessions, we'll see if I get in any more later today
4/30, 6 miles am., with both kids in the jog-stroller, easy
4/29, 9 miles, 1:00:17, 6:43 pace, 5K time trial in 17:05, 5:31 pace, & 1 mile 5:59
4/28, 11 miles, 1:20:45, 7:22 pace
4/27, 20 miles, 2:10:27, 6:31 pace, with 14 miles at 5:59 pace
4/26 pm., 6 miles, 43 minutes, easy
4/26 am., 11 miles, 1:19:11, 7:12 pace
4/25 pm, 4 miles, 29 minutes, easy
4/25 am., 7 miles, 6x800 with slow 400 recoveries, 2:31, 2:32, 2:31, 2:31, 2:31, 2:27
4/24, 10 miles, 7:13 pace, felt good

Next week ends with a 10K, and though I would rather take the first part of the week hard and taper off for it, with Kiera gone it won't be easy. I'm thinking I'll go easy tomorrow, then try to get someone to come over once the kids are asleep Tuesday night so I can get in a quality session in the dark. If that works, then I can do a track workout Thurday, which should tune me up for the 10K Sunday without leaving me too tired. We'll see how it goes, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Training: 6 miles easy pushing the kids


Hunter said...

Mike, I can finally beat you in one aspect this week: 87.1 mi in 7 sessions:) HoHo.

Thomas said...

Let's look at it from that angle: while pushing those two you'll also get some upper-body workout for free.

Somehow I don't think it will work for speed intervals though.

Mike said...

Hunter, now I HAVE to get back out there today! Kidding. Thomas, you're right on both counts. It will be good for my little bird shoulders.

Eric said...

We're very near picking up one of those double strollers ourselves. It's difficult for me to get in a second run in the evenings because we only have a single stroller right now.

More toys!

Mike said...

Mike those are some beautiful kids you got there. Also, how lucky are they that they get pushed around at a 7:30 pace vs. the typical "stroll" most kids are handed. I'm sure their "visual" is much more interesting!

Scooter said...

As in running the marathon, you play with the hand you're dealt. And if you can't go as fast with the kids, hit the hills, they'll help you generate strength! Do what you can do, it'll likely be enough.

Marc said...

Hey - you've got some good looking training partners. Mine tend to be old and hairy. Great for running, but honestly, not much to look at.

Enjoy some Dad time with the kiddos and don't worry so much about the few days 'off' in the training - it really won't make a difference come June. I know, it is much easier said than done. It must have been a runner who prompted the 'do as I say, not as I do' philosophy.

Sasha Pachev said...

It is possible to go fast with a loaded double-stroller. The speed depends on a lot on the weight and tire inflatation. I have been able to hit a 75 quarter with Benjamin and Jennifer in the stroller when they were about 3 and 2, and the tires well inflated. It was hard - felt more like 65.

A single stroller and a younger than 1 kid in it is much easier. I have run a 10 K in 35:30 with a single stroller and Benjamin in it once in a race on a hilly course. Dallen beat me there by 15 seconds, and he did pull away on a hill at about 4 miles. I figure I lost only about a minute.