Saturday, April 08, 2006

No Vomit, But...

Haiden is sick again. I guess her virus the other week led to a bacterial infection. Last night she started crying at 11:30 or so about her ear hurting, and after ibuprofin and much sobbing she settled in our bed. I love my daughter, but she is an obnoxious sleeper! She makes the most of her diminutive size by spreading out in the middle of our queen size bed to such and extent that neither Kiera nor myself has enough room to turn over. This spread-eagle sleeping would be fine by itself, but it is accompanied by a grizzly bear snore that literally rattles the blinds. Yes, I know she's sick but come on! Kiera ended up on one couch, I ended up on the other with the blanket from Haiden's room, and our daughter slept peacefully until 6.

Any thought of me squeezing in my long run today intstead of tomorrow had vanished by the time Haiden started drooling on my pillow. Instead I got out for my third and final hill repeat day of the week, putting in 9 miles to and from and up and down Sabino Mountain road. I traded two of my 3x100 windsprint sets at the bottom of the hill for a 100 plus a 200 and the
adductors felt fine.

I'm still feeling strong, though I need to be mindful of my sleep after Haiden's episode last night and Finn's one hour crying standoff the night before. I took Haiden to the doc after the run and got her some antibiotics at Target, then waited for Kiera and Finn to meet us before I headed off to work. I'm hoping Haiden will be well enough to go to the spring carnival tonight, which should no doubt provide me with a balanced dinner before tomorrow's long run.

Training: 9 miles, 1:16:00, including 4 hill repeats and 4 sets of windsprints


edinburghrunner said...

Sounds like hard work just getting out the door, never mind actually doing the hillwork!

Love2Run said...

That's funny, getting kicked out of your bed by the snoring daughter. It's a wonder you get any running in at all with one person sick after the other. Hope you can stay healthy ;-)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good job on getting out the door!

have fun tonight!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

My husband feels your pain. Our daughters are both obnoxious sleepers too. If they are ever in bed with us, he always gets (ahem) kicked. (it you know what I mean) poor guy. The things we do for our kids.