Sunday, April 23, 2006

Overtime, Not Overdistance

New computer with a mug shot camera

Who says I'm not flexible? I had originally thought about trying an overdistance run for my long run today, though I figured I would do a few different loops in case I started feeling bad and wanted to come back after the usual 22. Five miles through my first loop I ran into Jason and Dave, who were part of the Dragons team that won the cross country team competition (they were kind enough to have me on the team). Jason took 2nd yesterday in the race by one second and he and Dave were running the 9 mile Phoneline trail loop I write about sometimes. I decided to tag along, and we had lots of time to talk about the race and training in general.

75 minutes or so later we were back at the visitor's center, where I said goodbye and continued on. With 14 miles in the bank I had already been out for a long time (it's slow going on the Phoneline trail with all the elevation gain and rough footing), so I figured I would just settle for the usual 22 miles, although it would definitely take me longer than usual. I had left a bottle with some gatorade on my car in the driveway, so I looped back and got a drink at 16 miles or so. It would have been really nice to stop at this point, since I was well over 2 hours into the run and the sun was already high and quite warm, but after running off at the mouth yesterday about having to be mentally tough I decided to stick it out and get the last 6 in.

Today should be a fun day, as Haiden's school is having it's "Family Fiesta", complete with a catered dinner and entertainment provided by the students. It's our first function like this, so it will be fun to meet some of the other parents of the kids Haiden has been torturing as of late. Kiera is also going shopping, so I'll have both H and Finn to myself for much of the day. If I'm feeling adventurous I might even take the two of them out for lunch. This sort of thing makes a nearly 3 hour long run in the hot sun seem easy by comparison! Have a good weekend.

Training: 22 miles, 2:48:22, 7:39 pace, including 9 miles of Phoneline trail with the road back.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

That is the cutest picture ever!

Thomas said...

I know what you mean about the lunch being more difficult than a long run in the sun. I had to minds the kids on my own for some hours on Saturday and Sunday, and was more knackered after that than after my runs.

It'll get easier eventually, they all say it will.

Don't you feel sore from the 5k?