Monday, April 24, 2006

A Quickie

Kids are out with Kiera and I have a ton of chores involving dangerous tools and ladders to do in their absence, so here we go.

Last week, 4 of 4 of the Lydiard Hill phase is done. Here's how it went down-
M: 9 miles, hill circuits
T: 16 miles
W: 9 miles of hill circuits am., 6 miles easy pm.
TH: 14 miles
F: 6 miles super easy
S: 7 miles, with a cross country 5K in 17:31
SU: 22 miles, including 9 miles of Phoneline trail
Total: 89 miles in 8 sessions

Week one of my anaerobic/coordination phase should go down something like this:
M: 10 miles (did this today with Lucas, around 7:13 pace)
T: 6 x 800
W: 10 miles am., 6 miles pm.
TH: 22 mile long run with 20K time trial (marathon pace or so)
F: 10 miles very easy
S: 5K time trial, followed by 5K at marathon pace
SU: 16 miles

Still haven't figured out the total miles, but it will probably be around 85-90. This is my first "faster" week, so I hope to be a little conservative on the intervals and perhaps even on the marathon pace. The goal is to ease into this faster stuff and to keep feeling progressively stronger for each of the 4 weeks of this phase. Each week will have a marathon pace or faster longer time trial, a shorter time trial (2 miles to 10K), and a day of either intervals (400-1600's) or a set of 50 sprint, 50 floats or the like. After this, all that's left is two weeks of taper and the race.

So that's the short story, now off to Home Depot. Handy man hint, bring your old smoke detectors along with you when you buy new ones so you'll get some with the right mounting holes. I did not do this and am paying the price.

Training: 10 miles, 7:13 pace, 1:12:00 or so, felt progressively better. Calves are sore, probably from the race, the trail, and the racing shoes with a lower heel height.
Total miles for the week: 89 in 8 sessions


Duncan Larkin said...

Mike, this is an interesting phase for me to read about. I think it will be the most difficult for you and for anyone for that matter, but with your base and hills, maybe not. I'm curious as to what your goal 800 pace will be tomorrow as well as your recovery period. On paper, this looks like one heck of a training load. Good luck with it and stay focused--personally, i think this is where the rubber meets the road.

Marc said...

A while ago we had smoke detectors hard-wired in the house while we were having other electrical work done - it made a big difference.

On running - just caught up with your 5k race report. Nice write-up and analysis. I am not quite there yet to worry about the lead pack, but do have had similar post-race thoughts.

Thanks for the TR quote and the report - I will be thinking about them as I prepare to run a 5k this weekend.

Omniscient said...

Dave has many pseudonyms and Seb Blax happens to be one of them.

Anyways, I have been a walking..err...running contradiction of sorts lately based on the fact on Sunday I stated that I was currently running low mileage yet somehow decided to run 3 times today. I guess I got a little inspired by your high mileage ways. Hopefully, this can continue. Maybe I will hit 60 this week.

Only kidding!

Good luck with the 8's tomorrow.