Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Same Old Song

Back to Sabino Mountain for more Lydiard hill exercises, this time with Lucas along. The usual 4 repeats with windsprints at the end, the usual 9 miles in 76 minutes or so. My weeks are fairly predictable during the hill phase, with 3 hill workouts, three longer runs and one easy day, so there just isn't too much to write about.

I did meet up for six additional miles last evening with the gang from the Running Shop, which took 44 minutes or so. It was a smaller group than usual, which is kind of nice as our route usually leaves us fighting with plenty of cyclists coming in the opposite direction. With just a few of us it's easier to scatter around them and the usual inattentive college students driving while on their cell phones when they pull out in front of us.

I am still feeling strong, though I probably pushed the windsprints a little hard at first today. My right adductor let me know I should take the last set a little easier, which was fine. I'm scared to mention it, but the hill phase goes a long ways towards curing the various aches and pains that increased mileage usually presents. Maybe it's the increased range of motion or the strength gains, but my body has felt pretty well put together lately.

I wanted to wish good luck to Mike, Scooter and my friend Scott as they tackle Boston on Monday. I'll be watching.

Kiera has a get-together with some friends tonight so I'll be kid-wrangling solo, which I'm looking forward to since everyone was gone yesterday.

Training: 9 miles, 1:16:00, 4 hill circuits with 4 sets of windsprints
Yesterday pm., 6 miles in 44 minutes

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Love2Run said...

Good luck with the 'kid-wrangling'. It sounds like fun ;-) And thanks for the encouragement, its looking like decent weather for the 1st time in years so there are no excuses...