Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trust it

Today I bid adieu to Sabino Mountain road, where I've completed 10 hill workouts over the past 4 weeks. Four last runs up the hill, this time with all steep hill running and no bounding, as my right quadricep is still feeling a little strained from going overboard on the bounding Monday. I could feel it a little as I padded down the hill, but hopefully it will be fine. I did the usual 4 sets of 3x100 windsprints at the bottom of the hill as well, all the while thinking about how the real work in my Lydiard marathon program starts now.

If you're familiar with Arthur Lydiard's schedules, or if you have visited the links on the right side of my blog (the "Introduction to the Lydiard System" or "Lecture" liinks specifically), then you know how it works. The first half of the training cycle focuses on strong aerobic efforts and strength building drills, and the second half focuses on adding speed and pace awareness to the mix. I'm just finishing the first half this week, and running fast has always given me more trouble than running long or often so the second half makes me a little nervous.

The last 6 weeks of my preparations will focus on the fast stuff, and it starts out with a bang this Saturday with a 5K cross-country race, where I'll be a part of the "Dragons-Workout Group" team along with some fast guys from The Running Shop here in town. I plug these guys whenever I can because they take good care of me and really support the local racing scene.

Like a lamb to the slaughter I will go to the line of this anaerobic showdown with absolutely no speedwork in my legs, save for the windsprints I've done during the past 4 weeks of my hill phase. This is where trust and hopefully experience come into play. I looked back at my log to my first week of my anaerobic/track phase for my first go-around with Lydiard and some numbers give me comfort. 16:50 on 11-9-05. My first speed effort was a 5K time trial on a warm afternoon after a hard day at work and a run in the morning. On the smooth pavement by the Rillito River I managed to run a faster 5K by myself than I ever had previously in a race, again with no speedwork and 16 weeks of aerobic work behind me (and yes I know 17 minutes is still slow compared to my other times). While I was tempted earlier in the week to "stir the pot" and try some anaerobic training earlier than planned to get ready for the race, looking at my log, combined with a mildly sore adductor and quad has made me reconsider. I'm going to trust Lydiard and not jump ahead of myself. There's no telling how it will go Saturday, but if history is any indicator and I'm able to go easy tomorrow and Friday I shouldn't embarass myself.

Training: 9 miles, 1:16:00, with 4 hill circuits and 4 sets of 3x100 windprints. Last hill phase workout


Hunter said...

Great effort!

I am jealous to your progress, it seems that I am forever in the base phase :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Good luck!

(both tomorrow - where Johnny, Ash and I will be cheering you on - and for your long-term goals)