Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"You Don't Want to Talk and I Don't Want to Listen"

My wife Kiera said this Sunday night as we lay in bed. Kiera's eardrum is still giving her trouble, which means she has to stay on her side for 15 minutes at bedtime while her eardrops work their magic. With drops in her bad ear and her good ear on the pillow, any conversation necessitates me talking very loudly. Unfortunately, the pain in my jaw I mentioned in passing in my last post turned into a very serious problem soon after, with my gumline swelling up uncomfortably. I just couldn't open my mouth wide enough to talk loudly so Kiera could hear me. It was so sad and the two of us were so miserable that it was funny. I spent Sunday night banging my head on the refrigerator, wishing the pain in my mouth would subside. Tylenol and ibuprofin worked for awhile, but by midnight I was in a fair amount of agony. Monday I ran 6 miles in the morning easy while the pain was at a minimum, then visited Kiera's dentist for an emergency appointment. I'll spare you the gore, but after enough poking, prodding and scraping the source of the infection was revealed and extricated. "You might be a little sore after this," the dentist said. He wasn't kidding.

Later in the day Kiera took the kids to the house her mother and stepfather are moving into from New Hampshire this summer. I ran there to meet them and got in another 4 easy miles, though their neighborhood has a few monster hills that help give them a nice view. By bedtime I was feeling much better and a good night's sleep thankfully followed.

As I've mentioned in the latest posts, I am feeling good. Even this unexpected mouth thing can't stop the legs. Since last week went so well, I'm trying my best to mirror it this week. This meant a trip back to Sabino Mountain today for my first of three hill workouts for the week. Not much to report, although after two weeks of hill exercises I'm noticing I have a better range of motion in my legs, which is allowing me to get my knees up higher. Like last week's hill workouts I managed four repeats and 9 miles, along with two sets of 3x100 windsprints slightly downhill and two sets of 1x100 and 1x200 slightly downhill.

I would like to squeak in a few more miles this week, but for some reason I seem to get stalled right around 95 miles. This just might be my body talking, and instead of fighting it and getting hung up on numbers I'm trying to focus more on just working hard on the workouts. The run Sunday was a nice surprise, and is hopefully an indicator that I'm finally progressing a bit. I hope so.

Training: 9 miles, 1:15, with 4 hill circuits and 4 sets of windprints
Yesterday, 6 miles am., 44:22, 7:23 pace, 4 miles pm., 29:27, 7:19 pace


Sasha Pachev said...


Natural endorphines are a great pain reliever. I've used them after a root canal in 2001. Just go out and jog a mile or two when you cannot handle the pain any more.

Good idea to listen to your body. If it says 95 is just right, then let it so be. Mine says 80-85 is just right with my current sleep schedule (7 hours barring the extraordinary events).

To measure your progress - measure a course that is long enough to test your fitness, but short enough not to mess up your training. For me, 3-5 miles works great. Make sure it is well marked so you can get meaningful splits. Run it every couple of weeks with a hard but not quite all out effort - save that for races. Kick at the end to measure the juice level (and also get a faster time). Make sure it is the same course every time, and the conditions are comparable.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, man! glad the infection is clearing up.

Yay for grandparents in town!

Mike said...

Thanks Angie, we're looking forward to having more family around. Sasha, your measured efforts sound a lot like Lydiard's time trials during the later stages in my training, except for no kicking at the end. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress then if things go well.

Scooter said...

Glad to hear the dentist seemed to get things moving in the right direction. Regarding mileage, your body knows, and will tell you if you listen. I think you're listening and don't particularly like what you're hearing.
Thanks for the good wishes for Boston - since it's my "victory lap", it's not critical, but I don't want to dishonor my qualifying.