Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ain't Nuthin' but a Muffin

Six miles with Haiden in the jogging stroller this morning. Everyone slept past six for a change, so I'm well-rested. The legs feel good, and without really trying we kept the pace under 7:30. Haiden got her muffin, though since I was short on time she had to eat it at home.

Tomorrow is the Tucson 5000, which should be very tough effort for me. My race plan is fairly simple, go out fast and don't let up. Speed up when I feel like I'm dying at the end. The rest should take care of itself. There's a rumor floating around that Jen Toomey, who is training in Flagstaff (a few hours north) under the tutelage of Jack Daniels will be at the race. She was the women's indoor champ for the 1500 in 2004 and 2005, and has a 1500 PR of 4:06:24. Considering the women's race was won in 17:56 last year it would be cool if she showed up to stir things up a bit.

After the race tomorrow I'll be two weeks out from the marathon in San Diego. The trip is definitely looking up as Eric, my favorite blogger to link to, will be adopting me for the weekend. He and his family will be on vacation at the same time in lovely San Diego, and he has promised to be my chaperone, driver and food-taster. It will be nice to have a surrogate family, as I'm kind of a wimp when I'm away from my own brood. I also found out that Jeff, another Tucson runner I've known for years but don't see much anymore is also doing the race and has the same itinerary as me. We'll be sharing a hotel room just a mile from the start.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, I'm looking forward to a few days off myself after working 13 days straight.

Training: 6 miles, 7:28 pace, with Haiden in the jog-stroller


angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, man, 13 days straight, plus the mileage, whew!

Sounds like San Diego should be a lot of fun.

Eric said...

Okay, I've made a few people wait for a race result in my day, but this is beyond the pale! SIX HOURS!?

C'mon, Mike, we're waiting...(tap, tap, tap, tap)

Omniscient said...

I will give you all a hint...Mike ran very well. In fact, he put quite a dent in that "soft" 5K PR.