Monday, May 15, 2006

The Final Push

Three weeks left until the marathon, and my last week before tapering. Last week ended with 90 miles in seven runs, with two quality workouts of 15 miles of marathon pace and one track workout. I would have preferred another day of fast stuff, but this week will be particularly grueling so backing off a little beforehand will hopefully help in the long run. Here's how last week looked-

M-21 miles very slow and easy after the 10K the day before
Tu-10 miles easy, bracing for Thursday
W-10 miles easy, bracing for Thursday
Th-17 miles, with 15 at 5:58 pace
F-10 miles, hilly run up Phoneline trail
Sa-10 miles, 2 sets of 1200, 800, 400, 2x200 at 5K goal pace(ish)
Su-12 miles moderate

This week features my two final tests in the run-up to the marathon. Tomorrow is the final marathon time trial, 22 miles (at least) with 16 (at least) miles of marathon pace. I was originally planning on stretching this run out to a full marathon, but I'm worried that will tax me too much. Truth be told, if I had been able to manage more miles consistently (like I had planned), a full marathon run tomorrow would still be in the cards, but I'm trying to respect the limits of my fitness. The run tomorrow should be very tough, but not so hard that it breaks me for the week. It's the constant battle of "coming up" versus "coming down". I'd rather leave a little on the table tomorrow with hopes of having it in reserve in three weeks, but I need the toughness, mentally and physically, that a run like this brings. Balance, balance, blah blah blah.

Another reason to not flog myself too badly tomorrow is the 5K state championship on Sunday. I ran this in the low 17's last year in my run-up to the same marathon (that I subsequently bombed). Looking at the results shows more than a few people who finished ahead of me with bulls-eyes on their backs. I'm hoping for a sharpening workout on the track Thurday, followed by two easy days before the race. I'm hoping for a good week and a good result.

Training: Today, 8 miles easy, 58:39, 7:19 pace
Yesterday, 12 miles, 1:26:25, 7:12 pace
Miles for the week: 90 in 7 sessions


Anonymous said...

no stories about the family in over a week. have they left you to train in peace or are they just not that interesting anymore?

Mike said...

Truth be told, with the gallery I work for having a show last week I've just been too busy to post much more than my workouts, as I'm in the middle of 13 days of work in a row. I have been getting up earlier too, which makes getting the runs in easier. I'm sure more Salkowski kid foibles will appear soon.

Mark said...

Sounds like you are on the right track. I checked out your blog a little and added your blog as a link on mine.
What a cool marathon to run, I used to live out in S.D. way back and know the area, awesome course layout. Looks like alot of Kenyan talent showing up, albeit softer for the Women.
Keep up the good work on your blog! Mine is just in it's infancy but coming along.

Eric said...

Oooooo...a chance for a fast 5k. Looking forward to that. The MP run tomorrow sounds exciting too.

Nice week, Mike.

Marc said...

Mike - I think it is time you took the 'mediocre' descriptor out of your header.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone. Marc, if I can ever get to the point where there isn't anyone running a marathon a minute a mile faster than me, it's a deal, the "mediocre" will go.