Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Move It

Tired this morning, a little delayed onset muscle soreness from the race Sunday, no doubt intensified by yesterday's 21 miles of pounding. I'm not feeling fast, and truth be told I wasn't too excited about heading out today. I ignored the 4:15 alarm and slept until the kids woke up in the early to mid-5's.

Ten miles on the dirt and pavement, nice and slow to hopefully work out the soreness. I was quite ready to call it at 6, then again at 8, but as usual I mucked through all 10. This is supposed to be my last tough week of training, and I'm trying to recover enough for a 20-25K marathon pace time trial on either Wednesday or Thursday, plus a speed workout either Saturday or Sunday. If I feel this lethargic tomorrow the MP stuff will definitely wait until Thursday.

That's it for today, some quicken to bank errors and a small fender bender (no injuries) are causing me a fair amount of stress, so I'll sign off. For some interesting post-marathon posts look to Andrew and Marc, who both toughed out the Holyoke marathon last weekend. Nice work boys.

Training: 10 miles, 1:14:20, 7:26 pace. Dragging a bit


Andrew said...


Thank you for your kind comments. Believe it or not, I've been envying the hard training you've been doing while I wasted away tapering and healing. I'll get below 3 one of these days - and I'm guessing that day will be October 1st.

You're a master at "mucking it out". I have 4 local races planned this summer, but I've put a recovery day in the plan for the day after. You do amazingly well to run 21 after a race. Hopefully the stress dies down soon and a relaxed, confident feeling takes its place.

Marc said...

To echo Andrew, thanks for the kind words. Thanks also for the links in your previous post regarding fuel consumption/economy. I ran Holyoke on water alone - no gels or gatorade - though I did load up pre-race on pasta and bagels.