Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Race is up the Road

I stole this photo from this guy, who offers an informed and humorous inside account of the Dragons in action at the Tucson 5000 on Sunday. I'm the tall guy in white, in 9th or so. I told you I was off the back of the second pack.


Runneroftrails said...

Hey Mike,

I've been following your blog for this marathon buildup to see how it all fits together. Although I'm trying to break 3 hours, the rest of our lives run a tight parallel. I'm inspired by your dedication to the June 4th race. Keep focused on the finish line!


Mike said...

Thanks Blair, breaking three hours was a tough one for me. I tried to do it in my first marathon and ended up over 3:10. Best of luck to you and thanks for stopping by.

Phil said...

So that's what the front runners look like!

You write a great blog and have certainly influenced my running for the better. I completely changed my training regime after I started reading your blog and started concentrating on getting fitter rather than faster. I certainly wasn’t getting anywhere with my old approach. I don’t have a clue it will help me in my next 10k, but I certainly feel like I’m running better and I know that I’m feeling better.

Great race this weekend and best of luck with the San Diego Marathon.