Friday, May 05, 2006

Stuck in the Middle

Since I haven't done a long run since last Thursday's marathon pace workout, I decided to get out for an easy 14 today. While I am racing Sunday and I would like to be sharp and ready, it does take a few longer runs a week to keep my endurance base up. If I was training for 10K's I'm sure I would have just run 8 easy or so, but since I'm focusing on the marathon on June 4 I do have to compromise and skip doing a full taper for the race.

I brought along music today to keep the run mellow, and spent quite a bit of time on dirt paths and neighborhoods in and around Sabino Canyon. The goal was to keep the pace at 7:15 or slower, which was hard to do at first. I was feeling great for about 10 miles and my average pace kept dropping down faster than I wanted to go. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I started getting a bit tired about then, and the legs started complaining about the 11 miles with 5x1000 yesterday morning followed by the 4 miles yesterday evening. I finally made it in, and the Garmin had me back at 7:17 pace when it conked out about a half mile from home with a dead battery.

I'm thinkng about another 4 this evening, but the main reason would be to raise my pathetic mileage total for the week to a less embarassing level. Mileage vanity is not a real reason though, so I'll probably just rest instead and get 6 easy miles in tomorrow in preparation for the 10K. Kiera's trip earlier in the week really put a dent in my daily mileage, so Tuesday and Wednesday's 12 mile todal will haunt me for awhile, but what's done is done. The race should be very competitive this year, and hopefully I can find a good group to tag along with and run fast. It's a difficult, out and back hilly course with a fast finish, and the effort should help sharpen me a bit for the marathon one month out. While my 5K PR is by far my worst, I have recently been informed my 10K PR is also "soft", so I'll have to do my best to change that. Thanks Jason.

On a family note, Kiera and I went to our first parent-teacher conference at Haiden's pre-school. I was really nervous for some reason (probably from my days as a student), but of course things are going well and Haiden really seems to be enjoying herself while keeping the tormenting of her teachers and fellow students to a minimum.

Training: Today, 14 miles, 7:17 pace
Yesterday pm., 4 miles in 30 minutes


Omniscient said...

By weak, Mike, I mean you have the skills to run way faster.

Have a good Friday.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck on Sunday, have fun!

glad to hear Haiden's doing well in school :)

Mike said...

Thanks Angie, hope Johnny is back to healthy soon. Don't worry Jason, your analysis is spot on. Hopefully Lucas will drag me along to a fast time. Hey, you updated your blog!! There truly are champions everywhere. Tell Kyle good luck, and that the TT helmet makes his head look enormous.

Eric said...

Based on your predicted downhill time of 14:48 for 5k, you are looking at a wind-adjusted 10k somewhere around 31:10. That's in knots per hour though. I'd have to consult my charts to convert, but it's way faster than your current PR. Good luck, and have fun.