Friday, May 26, 2006

Taper Schedule

I'm having a hard time getting the miles to add up the way I want them to this week. With the marathon at the end of next week, I wanted to pull back the mileage to 70 or so for this week. Unfortunately, when I added up my original plan I came up with 84. This seems pretty high, especially since I've been averaging a little over 90 for this build. I started cutting the 10 milers to 8 and the 8 milers to six. Still no good, I was still looking at 80 or so.

This morning I woke with a bit of pain in my left forefoot, just in front of where I have a metatarsal pad attached to my insole to help with a neuroma. Unfortunately, the toe that's affected is a "claw-toe" to start with. Let's back up. I have messed up feet. I figure the slight pain in this case is due to the combination of running more up on my forefoot during the 5K Sunday followed by the faster 600's and 400's yesterday. I'm hoping with a little ibuprofin I'll be fine tomorrow. What's a taper without getting over some aches and pains?

This little "niggle" was enough when coupled with the fact that I need to start more aggressively dropping mileage for me to cut tody from the original 10 down to a very easy 4 mile run with Haiden in the jogging stroller. I guess I can't be too careful now, and Haiden enjoyed getting out early. She ended up picking a donut instead of a muffin, though she spent about half an hour just licking off the frosting and sprinkles instead of actually eating it. This disgusting display cured me of any temptation to share it with her.

Back to the miles. By going short and easy today, and by trying to keep tomorrow's tempo run to 8 miles total (20 minutes of effort), I think I can keep this week at 75 or under, even with 14-16 miles on Sunday. I'm hoping it's the right thing to do.

Training: 4 miles easy with Haiden in the jogging stroller


Omniscient said...

Never in my running career have I ever been in such a predicament. I can't wait till I will have to readjust my schedule to run less miles for the week.

so awesome!

About these "niggles"...I think you will be fine. Every taper I have ever done has been fraught with these pains. For some reason, I feel physically worse during a taper than during hard training. So, to remedy this, I just don't taper anymore.

p.s. Do not take my advice

tb1 said...

You ARE doing the right thing. Trust Arthur. If I've learned anything reading your blog it is that you have an incredible drive to succeed when it comes to training and racing. You also have some doubts about tapering correctly. Go with what feels right. Then live with it and learn from it.

(4 miles easy must have felt like a picnic).

Blaxabbath said...

This one's for all my niggles out there:

New Orleans will be chocolate again!

Runneroftrails said...

Hey Mike,

There's nothing wrong with taking a day or two off in place of an easy run. Lydiard (and others) all mention that there isn't much "training" to be done in the final few weeks of a progran. Maintain the sharpening workouts and take it real easy for everything else... you've earned it.


Seabass said...


Good work, obviously training is going very well for you. What is the course like? Any thoughts on pacing / strategy, or is that all top secret or still in the works?

Happy birthday to Haiden.