Monday, May 01, 2006

Time Crunch

I don't know how my wife does it. Trying to wrangle 2 kids all day is exhausting, especially when it involves getting both of them in the stroller for a run. Yesterday wiped me out, and today should be the same with the addition of taking Haiden to dance class. I can pretty much manage feeding, bathing, clothing, shuttling and entertaining the two of them if I ignore or forget certain things I like to do during the course of a day; things like eating, bathing and changing clothes.

Another 6 miles, 7:30 pace on the dot, another mufffin to go. Thanks for the encouraging comments on my Mr. Mom act, Wednesday night won't come soon enough!


Eric said...

Personal Hygiene. That's today's Word.

I am in awe of my wife as well. Every day she runs a race I don't have a prayer of getting in shape for. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it.

Have a good time with the kids! I'm sure they are enjoying your undivided attention.

robtherunner said...

It definitely takes a special individual to keep things in order around the house. I am thankful when I am able to get the kids out the door looking relatively presentable for school as I have to do tomorrow. Of course when the girls come home from school tomorrow and my wife sees them I will hear all about how that shirt does not go with those shoes and how the hair clips I put in did not match their outfits either.

It is times like these Mike that help us remember how lucky we are to have the women in our lives to take care of us. Good luck with the juggling act and try to shower at least once while shes gone.

Mike said...

Nicely put guys, Kiera will enjoy reading all these comments. In fact, she may print them out on 16x20 sheets of posterboard and paste them up around the garage door next to my pile of running shoes.

Sasha Pachev said...

Mike - the secret is relax, back off, and keep the program dad-simple :-)

the wife said...

Anyone have a large-format printer I could borrow???