Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tucson Wildlife

Hmmm, this could end badly

The kids took it easy on us and slept past six, which set the tone for a nice recovery run. I brought along music again, and took my new 8 mile route at a fairly relaxed pace. The wildlife was out in force around Sabino Canyon, I even did a double take and stopped running to watch a mother duck walk across the road with seven baby ducklings trailing behind en masse. This was a very strange sight, as I was more than a half mile west of the canyon and quite a distance from any water source. Ducks crossing a hot asphalt road lined by saguaro and prickly pear cacti is something you don't see every day. Once in the canyon, a young deer crossed right in front of me, which is a little more routine up where I run.

The abdominals and calf muscles feel good again, and the run today felt fairly effortless. I'm taking it as a sign that I'm recovering from the race, and I'm planning a fairly easy speed workout tomorrow. Nobby emailed me again with some last minute advice, telling me to keep the true speed workouts short, and to make sure I fully recover from each effort and session. This seems wise, as last time I kept "racing" time trials right up until the race, which probably broke me down a bit. Lydiard training during the last few weeks is like balancing on the knife-edge of fitness. Do just enough fast stuff, mixed with just enough longer, slow stuff to stay on top without tipping over. At this point the real work is done. All the ingredients are in the pie, I just need to bake it the right amount to get the good stuff bubbling up to the top at the right time.

Now when's lunch again?

Training: 8 miles, 56:58, 7:07 pace


tb1 said...

I'm a few days behind on your posts. Congratulations on your 5K PR! You chopped off a nice chunk. It sounds like your training schedule is setting up nicely for another serious lowering of your marathon PR in SD. My family and I are going to sea world the Saturday before. I'm trying to explain to the kids that I can't stay all day.

Send me some of that mental fortitude that you have for the last 10K of the marathon. I'll need it to break 4 hours.


Marc said...

A belated congrats on the 5K PR and a well-run race. You could win many races around these parts with times like that.

Your pie is going to taste oh-so-sweet on the 4th - just like Grandma used to bake!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

wow, ducks! very cool :)