Thursday, May 11, 2006

What do you Mean, 11 More?

Now that I'm back home I don't feel like I just ran a marathon, but towards the end of my workout today the legs started to feel like I was coming up on mile 20. The problem was, I was only on mile 15. Today's workout was 20-25K of marathon pace, the second such workout for me during this final phase of my training for the June 4 marathon.

After a mile warm-up I was planning on running 5 miles at 6:10, 5 miles at 6:00, and 5 miles at 5:50. Ahh plans, nothing like having roadmap to throw out the window. After the warm-up I started down the river trail, and soon found myself around 6:08 pace after about a mile. So far, so good. Then, it seemed that every time I looked down at the watch I was going a little faster. The first 5 ticked off in 30:13 or so, which is between 6:02 and 6:03 pace. The second five miles felt a bit quicker, and when I hit the timer at the end of it I was at 29:34, so close to 5:55 pace. I started to feel my neuroma going numb at this point, probably due to the lighter Asics DS trainers I was wearing. I liked being able to pick my feet up easier, but I did take a little more of a beating. By 12 miles I was starting to get a little tired, but I figured I could finish things off without killing myself. By 13 miles, when I was thinking I should pick it up, all I could do was maintain the same speed. The legs were feeling thick, I was sweating, and I felt much more like I was finishing a half-marathon rather than finishing 15 miles at marathon pace. Another 29:34, at least I'm consistent. 5:58 pace for 15. The time made me happy, but truth be told I'm worried about how tough the last 3 miles felt. Maybe it's residual fatigue from the race Sunday, maybe I'm still tired from 21 miles on Monday.

A little doubt crept in today, but I'll see how things continue to go. These workouts are supposed to be tough, and maybe I'm just forgetting how tough the marathon is. For now I'll press on and hope I'm still coming up.

Training: 17 miles, 1:45:37, 6:13 pace, including 15 miles at 5:58 pace


D said...

It's reassuring to know that doubt sometimes exists even w/speedsters like you. I'm struggling w/that right now. Thanks for the reminder that the long runs are supposed to be tough and the marathon itself is tough.

Eric said...

Excellent. You have to remember, doing a long run that way is significantly more difficult than a typical MP workout. You'll get a nice training effect out of this effort, and then you'll be ready for taper. As Dora the Explorer would say, "good running!"

Love2Run said...

Great run, picking up the pace as you went and on tired legs too! I've always found the MP runs the hardest to do without the race feeling to help you along. Race day is always different but these are the tough runs that we all need to do more of. Stay healthy ;-)

Scooter said...

Just keep ptting one foot in front of the other. Bad days happen, don't let them hurt your head. There's a tomorrow, and the taper should eliminate most chances of something wrong on race day. Don't sweat it. (I don't have a Lydiardism to cite, though I bet Nobby does...)