Thursday, June 08, 2006


A bluish glow to the east as the sun starts to make its way over the Santa Rita mountains. No doubt it will top 100 degrees here in Tucson today, but getting out for an hour at 5 with Lucas will be a pleasure. The legs are softening up again, and just running through the neighborhoods up here by Sabino Canyon with no particular workout to pay mind to reminds me that this simple sport produces simple joy, and that's enough.

I think with one more phone call I will be done telling the last marathon story. While there are plenty of lessons to be learned, it's also a time to start looking ahead to better running and better fitness. It's been 11 months training the Lydiard way, and there's no doubt I've changed as a runner, even if my last race didn't go exactly as expected. It's one race. Three years is the plan, and hopefully more after that. I look at my daughter and all the changes she's gone through in that time (she'll be 4 in September), and that puts it in perspective. Even as I turn 35 next month, I know there's still much growing ahead.

I ran 6 miles around 7 minute pace last evening in what became the good-bye run for my marathon shoes. I've blown them out in record time.

Training: looks like about 8 today
Yesterday, 6 miles


Mark said...

Is this guy for real?
Sunburst Marathon - Jun 3 - South Bend, IN
... while Chuck Engle, of Columbus OH, came in third in his 22nd marathon of the year, crossing the finish line in 2:34:21!!!
How does he do it?

Yvonne said...

great attitude Mike. sorry to read your marathon didn't go quite to plan.

runmad said...

Would be interested in what Nobby would have to say about your taper... I'd agree with the others who said you didn't "taper" enough.

Paul said...

In case you were wondering, the All American standards for the Men's 35-39 age group are:

1 Mile - 4:40

3000 - 9:40

5000 - 16:00

10000 - 32:50

I'm just sayin'