Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Heaven and Hell" fartlek

This run was almost comical, though it was hard to see the humor in it at the time. 12 miles, including my 8 mile "slow down" loop which consists of plenty of hills in and around Sabino Canyon. The workout was two miles of warm-up, then one mile on and one mile off for the remaining 10. The work interval was to be fast and controlled, hopefully somewhere between tempo and marathon pace. With a Garmin beeping every mile this is a tough workout, mostly because the starting points of the first three miles were at the base of serious uphills, which made it difficult to ease into things. In most cases the second halves of these intervals were downhill, but the "ups" burned me out enough that I couldn't really take advantage of the conditions when the road tilted down. It went down like this- 6:02 (1/2 mile seriously uphill), 5:58, 5:58, 5:58, 5:55. It was funny how close these miles were in terms of pace, since I wasn't looking at the watch at the time. Mostly I was just begging for each of the harder miles to be over. The recovery miles drifted from 7:10 up to 7:30 by the end, which was telling.

The legs are sluggish right now, and that's to be expected as I start building miles. I think it's important for me to run all of my efforts on feel at this point, even though the times will probably be slow for awhile. My lungs and motivation are fine, which is more important than the legs at this point. With some luck I'll get in a second run later with either some strides or a few fast 200's, which should help loosen up things.

Training: 12 miles, 6:48 pace, with 10 miles of 1 mile on, 1 mile off. Efforts of 6:02, 5:58, 5:58, 5;58, 5:55. Seems like ages ago that I could string 20 in a row of these together, but I'll get back.


dezmo said...

No comment ... just didn't to see you stuck with a goose egg for comments. Now you know who cares.

Eric said...

Not a big fan of the word he**. I thought this was a family blog?

I think if you apologize you will probably get some comments again. Until then, you are reaping what you sow, Mr. Sweardypants.