Monday, June 26, 2006


Finn's first birthday party was a blast, complete with dogs and burgers, cake and cupcakes, plenty of assorted veggies and other snacks. As you can see, Finn enjoyed his first slice of cake, and did the best he could to inhale every ounce of chocolate from his plate. As for me, a few weeks of good eating were gloriously ruined with a (turkey) dog, a burger, cake and 4 beers (it was a long afternoon). Most of the festivities went down in the backyard, and an unexpected but welcome rain shower had the kids splashing around while running between the playhouse and the sand-box. Even with the cooking, photography, videography and hosting duties, Kiera and I both had a good time, though one or two of these a year is plenty.

I woke this morning around 6 after not setting the alarm and immediately regretted not getting out earlier, as the rain the night before had made things hot and steamy. I ran 8 miles easy, and had no problem keeping the pace in the 7:20's. I take it as a good sign that I felt much better after the run, and if Kiera hadn't been waiting to go to the gym I probably would have put in a few more miles to get to 10 miles like I had planned. If there's ever a time to take it easy though, this is it.

Training: 8 miles, 7:26 pace. Felt groggy at the beginning, hot and happy at the end.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Four beers?!

I must say, those turkey dogs were *delicious* as was the Sam Adams light (hadn't tried it yet). Ash did NOT fall asleep on the ride home as we were hoping for darn it. Happy birthday to Finn again!

Amy said...

How come they will gobble down their first piece of cake like they've been eating it all their life, but give them a foreign vegetable and they can smell distaste a mile away???

Cute picture!

Joe said...

Happy Birthday, Finn!!

And, mostly, happy birthday to everyone else for surviving the crucial first year!!

Jack said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday Finn!

Thomas said...

Happt birthday, Finn, and well done Daddy on surviving the party - always a challenge.

Doesn't it get too hot under a beard in your kind of weather?

Love2Run said...

What a great picture! He's really into that chocolate. Happy B-day Finn!!