Sunday, June 11, 2006

Seven Days

A week has passed since the race, and the aches and pains associated with it are abating. Today I got out the door a little late again, and I spent my run trying to find a rumored connection between the super-well-to-do Canyon View Estates neighborhood and the Esperero trail in Sabino Canyon. A client at the art gallery, who is an avid cyclist has mentioned and described this link, but after running past million dollar homes on asphalt, which later turned to dirt roads and 1/2 million dollar lots higher up in the Catalinas I just couldn't find it. It was a balmy 85 in the sunshine, and wandering around in the desert was fun, but by the end of it the 8 miles felt more like 10 with the conditions.

I'm planning a second "no plan" week, where I pretty much just run according to feel and ambition. For the past week the same formula turned out like this:

Monday: 4, painfully slow
Tuesday: 6 easy
Wednesday: 6 moderate with the Running Shop gang
Thursday: 8 easy with Lucas
Friday: 10 easy/moderate, Phoneline trail at Sabino Canyon
Saturday: 6 easy
Sunday: 8 easy
Total: 48 miles in 7 sessions

I'm still thinking about what to do next, be it a marathon at the end of July, cultivating my speed for a few track meets, or unpugging for a little while and rebuilding again. In the meantime I'm enjoying just getting out the door, though I need to start getting up earlier to do so.

Training: 8 miles easy
Miles for the week: 48 in seven sessions

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Marc said...

Looks like a nice post-race week - a nice way to mull over what to do next.

A balmy the the desert? Fun?