Monday, June 19, 2006

Time to Make Time

Here's a look at last week, which was week two of my recovery after the marathon-

Monday: 6 miles, 6:22 pace
Tuesday: 11 miles, 7:06 pace
Wednesday am., 6 miles, 7:13 pace
Wednesday pm., 6 miles, 6:50 pace(ish)
Thursday: 6 mile muffin run with Haiden, easy
Friday: 8 miles, 7 minute pace
Saturday: 8 miles, very hilly trails, easy pace
Sunday: 17 miles, 7:06 pace
68 miles in 8 sessions

I'm starting to feel good again, but a few factors are slowing me down a bit. The first is the heat, which is simply unavoidable in Tucson, Arizona in the summer. We're in the mid-70's before the sun even comes up, and as I type this just before 9am it's already in the upper 80's. The heat puts an added stress on the body, and the same paces feel a little tougher as blood that should be working through the muscles goes to the skin instead to cool the body. The heat also brings on dehydration a bit faster, and I find myself having a harder time after about an hour of running if I don't stop for a drink.

The second factor came to light during the long(ish) run of 17 miles I did Sunday. While dehydration was certainly a factor, I genuinely felt like I was bonking at about 14 miles, which is ridiculous. I'm still getting used to not eating before runs, so I figure I'll be doing a fair amount of this for a few weeks while the body adjusts to working off stored fuel instead of a pre-run breakfast. One of my goals this week is to stay hydrated enough so I can be sure that any "bonkish" feeling is a fuel issue and not a hydration issue. My body, the science experiment.

Looking at the schedule from last week again presents my other challenge; getting rid of the single digits. I'd like to keep every morning run at 10 miles or more, though I goofed up today by waiting too long to leave on my run. Haiden was up and begged to go, so I took her out for 4 miles (and a muffin to go), and by the time I brought her home I didn't leave enough time for another 6 before Kiera planned to go to the gym. Finn turns 1-year-old today, so we have a schedule to keep that includes a birthday portrait at 10.

I can't believe the little guy is one already, Father's Day (the day he was born) last year seems like such a short time ago. On that particular morning I snuck out early for a Phoneline Trail run, and while I was stretching in the backyard afterwards Kiera threw open the back door to announce her water had broken while I was gone. Good times.

Today's run felt good if not particularly fast, and I'm hoping this week takes me close to 100 miles again, just like the good old days.

Training: Today, 9 miles, 7:14 pace
Sunday: 17 miles, 7:06 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy birthday Finn!!!

happy fathers day Mike :)

Marc said...

Ah yes, trying to make the time - the runner's lament.

Just reading your post had me reaching for the A/C.

Marc said...

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday to Finn!

Greg said...

The parallel's continue. It looks like Finn and my son share a birthday. Happy Birthday Finn.

Welcome back to the world of training (although some might say you never really left).

edinburghrunner said...

Minimum of 10 miles per run! I love it!!

Mark said...

nice training week, I am impressed with the consistent pace you show. good luck with staying hydrated

Thomas said...

Happy birthday, Finn! I'm surprised Kiera let you go for a run in her state. Niamh practically tried to handcuff me to her for the last two weeks of her pregnancy.

What's the point of no single digits? Recovery runs of less than 10 miles are not a bad thing.

Mike said...

Thanks everyone, Finn appreciates the good wishes and so do I. Thomas, I did say "snuck out" before that run, didn't I? As far as 10 a day goes, I'm starting to figure out how my body reacts to different training. Most days 10 miles isn't too much longer than 70 minutes, and I'm trying to make my primary run each day an hour or more. I find that if I'm tired I can always slow down and get about the same effect as running a shorter distance a little faster. As a marathoner with problems "finishing it off" I hope this will help. We'll see.