Sunday, July 23, 2006

Alive and Kicking

I'm still around, but the hotel I'm staying at in Reno for eight days charges $5.95 an hour for internet access. I've been in Reno working an art auction since Wednesday afternoon, and life has certainly been interesting since then. Thursday was my 35th birthday, and I celebrated it by throwing up all day. For some reason I decided to eat at the hotel buffet in the morning, and something did not agree with me. I started feeling badly fairly quickly, but I had to load a hot truck sitting in the sun with 275 pieces of art so off to work. We finished the first load and pizza was delivered to the gallery, but I was so sick I couldn't even think about eating. After spending some time in the restroom trying to throw up without success, I returned to the breakroom and was serenaded by the entire auction crew and surprised by a birthday cake. I should mention the air conditioning wasn't working in the gallery, and the combination of the warm, enclosed space of the breakroom, coupled with the smell of sausage pizza, the sugary cake, and the claustrophobia of so many people so close to me did the trick. I blew out the candles, thanked everyone, then ran to the bathroom to vomit my guts out.

I spent the afternoon trying to help unload and set up, but being so sick made it difficult. Finally, I went up to my room and threw up six or seven more times. The birthday boy, in underwear and socks, sweating on the hotel bed waiting for the room to stop spinning.

By the evening I was feeling better and was able to keep some food down, but a headache (probably from dehydration) made me wince through the evening and hadn't relented by morning so I skipped Friday's run. I did run 10 miles on the Truckee river path on Thursday, before the fateful breakfast, and I managed 18 miles on Saturday morning before the auction. This morning I ran 8 quick miles before reloading the truck and heading back to the gallery with all the pieces from the sale. Tomorrow I start shipping.

Running in Reno is a bit cooler than Tucson, but the altitude pretty much negates any advantage given by the reduced temperature. I'm doing all my runs on the river path I mentioned, which is also where all the homeless in Reno spend their time. The miles have dipped a little more than planned this week, and I may still do a second, relaxed run this afternoon if the temperature stays down. I'll try to be a bit more regular with the updates, as there are a few coffee shops around with wi-fi and I now have a bike to cruise around on.

I'm definitely missing the family in a serious way now, and I'm looking forward to getting back to Tucson on Friday evening.

Miles for the week: 68 so far
Mo: 9 miles, 6:53 pace
Tu: 10 miles, 6:37 pace with 3x1 mile in 5:30, 5:27, 5:26 with 1 mile rest
We: 13 miles, 6:52 pace
Th: 10 miles, 6:38 pace
Fr: Happy vomit-day to me
Sa: 18 miles, 6:56
Su: 8 miles, 6:46


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday :) I'm sorry you had a miserable day. Make up for it by celebrating with your family when you get back to Tuscon. Great job getting out there the next day.

Love2Run said...

ahhh, that's terrible ;-( Happy vomit day all by you're lonesome... Good to see you hanging in there despite work and other distractions like heat, humidity, unfamiliar location, no a/c etc etc Have a cold one on me and Happy Birthday!!

Lawrence said...

$5.95 an hour....I hope you typed fast! : ) Glad to hear your feeling better.

Great blog, I just discovered it a few days ago!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy vomitday! er, I mean birthday!

the Truckee river path has some gorgeous sections. How is it, running on a river path next to a river that has *water*? :)

hope the rest of the week passes quickly and vomit-free.

Eric said...

I hope you didn't go anaerobic on your vomit repeats.

Good to hear from you. It's been a quiet week.

robtherunner said...

Happy belated birthday Mike. I was waiting to read that after you finished the last round of vomiting you were still able to head out and get in 10 miles. Glad to hear you stayed inside and recovered instead.

Dusty said...

Don't you know, you should only be spending your birthday that sick because you went out the night before. Sorry to hear about it - but glad you held it off until after you blew out the candles.. I was getting worried as I read!

I wouldn't worry too much about the miles if you really only missed one day and it was due to being that ill - figure out how many you wanted for the week minus that day and go for that number. Even though you didn't get a run in, sounds like your body still got a workout.

Hang in there & Happy Birthday!!

Thomas said...

What a way to spend your birthday. At least you didn't throw up on the cake. You really must have been feeling sick, seeing that you missed a run.