Saturday, July 01, 2006

Double-knot Blues

The air conditioner is fixed! It ended up costing much more than we ever imagined, but when the blame on the failure rested with the lightning storms in the area I called our homeowners insurance and they are actually taking care of some of the damage. We will survive, and the house is cool again. Life goes on.

I had planned on being Lucas's training hack today, though I wasn't looking forward to it. His ambitious workout included 45 minutes of tempo, the last 25 of which he wanted to spend chugging up the steep road that goes into Sabino Canyon. This was to be followed by a few bursts of "5 minutes on", some amount of time off, then... god, I forget at this point but it sounded pretty damn difficult. The run would probably end up at about 14 miles, and by leaving at 5 we would really be cutting it close when I said I would be home at 6:30 so Kiera could run with her friend.

At 5:20 I'm still in the driveway and there's no sign of Lucas. Part of me is relieved, as I am probably not in any shape to keep up with him as I get used to 100 mile weeks again. Another part of me looks down at the double-knotted shoes. I only do this when there is work to be done, and the competitive side of me was secretly looking forward to blowing out the cobwebs a bit after a few days of easy running. I'm down to a little over an hour until I need to be back so I trot off.

After a little over a mile my feet take me to the parking lot of Sabino Canyon. I start running up it and the legs decide they have rested enough and it's time to go. I end up running tempo by feel instead of by the watch, in part because the numbers on the watch have been depressing when compared to the effort given. I work the hills at a good clip, and try to work on my turnover on the few downhills through the first half. The last steep pitch to the turnaround I really start feeling the effort, and I can feel my stride shortening as the grade steepens. I'm right on the cusp of anaerobic at this point, but since it's only two minutes or so to the top I just roll with it. I make the turnaround and cruise back down the road at a good speed, though the effort feels a little easier with the gravity assist. I hit the watch and extrapolate how long the warm-up took, and I figure I've run 5:57 pace or so for the almost 8 miles of hills. This is more like it.

Epilogue: Kiera gets her run in, though she wished Angie had been along to keep them from getting lost. Haiden is up to eating two entire waffles, giving her old man a run for his money. Finn ate a whole waffle on his own, plus fruit and oatmeal, and somehow still remains in the 25th percentile for weight. Meanwhile, their dad is feeling a little more like his old self. Tomorrow's 22+ miles will truly tell the tale though...

Training: 10 miles, 6:40 pace, with 7.6 miles at 5:57 pace on the road through Sabino Canyon


angie's pink fuzzy said...

nice workout!

glad the AC is fixed - and that your insurance is pitching in!

Eric said...

I suppose a/c in Arizona's summer is like winter heating in North is not only unbearable, but dangerous without it. Glad it's working again.

Are you still considering a longer, low-mileage period before you start building again? Like two weeks? I don't know what Lydiard says about recovery between seasons, but I bet he says something. Track it down, Seabass.