Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The New Routine

OK, I think I've got it now. Up at 5, down to the hotel lobby by 5:30 and out the door en route to the Truckee River path. Today was a pedestrian 8 miles, which was a welcome relief after yesteray's work day. My usual job is fairly easy at the art gallery back home, and being in charge of shipping 275 paintings in one week is a shock to the system. A day spent lifting and packing heavy, wooden crates, and stepping up and down ladders to retrieve giant, foam-lined boxes is tough on my delicate constitution. Running is much easier than honest work.

With the help of two others I probably packed 60 pieces or so yesterday, which leaves around 200 to go in the coming days. My back is sore, my abdominals ache, and my arms and legs are tired from all the lifting. I must say I am relieved that I decided not to run the San Francisco marathon at the end of this week, because I am sure I will be a total wreck by the time I return home Friday night. The one saving grace of my situation is the peaceful night's sleep I've been getting nightly. With no kids or wife around, and a decent air-conditioned room with blackout curtains, I've been sleeping solidly through the night, all the way up to when the alarm rings at 5.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post, some of them (especially yours Phil), were very funny. While the path is sketchy in spots it is nice to be off the main roads around here, and the shade the trees around the river provide is welcome as morning temperatures here are creeping up into the Tucson range.

This is week two of my four progressive weeks of lessening volume as the half marathon approaches. I have two more longer runs planned (probably 14 and either 16 or 18 miles), as well as one fast workout of 3x1 mile or 6x800 with long recovery. All in all it should look like last week without the vomit break. Work fatigue aside, I do feel like running under 7 minute pace is fairly easy again, and perhaps the reduced miles are to blame for this. Whatever the reason, it feels good.

8 miles, 54:40, 6:50 pace


Evan said...

What with passing couples in flagrante (always good stories, especially when you think how they may remember it ... that crazy guy interrupted us) and homeless bums you have plenty to write about for now, but I'm curious about your thoughts on the order of Lydiard marathon training as you build towards your third marathon.

It seems that both marathons you've gone out a little too quick and struggled home, and run well at shorter distances before or shortly after. This would seem to indicate you've been in good fitness, but perhaps not the marathon-specific form you've wanted.

So, what I'm curious about is do you think that putting the anaerobic work towards the end of the cycle works for marathon training? As you probably know one of Daniels' plans has you finish the anaerobic work 12 weeks out, and then switch to tempo/marathon pace running and strides for the last three months. The idea being, get your speed under you and then get efficient at marathon and tempo pace. I've seen Renato Canova on letsrun advocate something similar.

Another of the Daniels plans (and the one that worked better I felt) had anaerobic work every two to three weeks for 12-18 weeks. Little danger of peaking and doing a 5km PR off that!

On the massive Lydiard or Daniels thread there's a long comment on p.90 by Tinman that makes a similar point.

Your thoughts?!

Lawrence said...

I'm with you, I'd choose running over a hard days work any day! Great blog.