Monday, July 31, 2006

One Way Out

There are two ways out of my particular corner of Tucson, and one of them is blocked by the storm runoff I mentioned in the post this morning. Three quarters of my runs usually follow this route, so now I'm stuck running pretty much in circles. After waiting hours for the rain to stop, I finally headed out around 9am for 8 moderate miles. I was forced to run some pretty steep uphills, including the second half of the Champions loop, and during these uphill sections my breathing seemed closer to the top of the aerobic scale. All told I ended up with 8 miles at 6:35 pace and another soaked pair of shoes. Tomorrow will be a bit longer and a bit easier, and Wednesday will be a serious track workout with Lucas. He's planning on 6x1 mile at 5:30 pace with a slow 400 recovery. I'm hoping to tough out the workout, but I'm worried I'm still not in good enough shape to do so. We'll see. Running in this obscene humidity should help for Chicago, but it's no fun.

Training: 8 miles, 52:45, 6:35 pace


Dusty said...

I keep seeing the areas that sunk in Tucson from the flooding on the news. I keep expecting to see you and a couple other guys running in the background dodging the water!

Be careful - GREAT stories tho!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Sabino road washed out! I'm interested in seeing how Phoneline fared.

Thomas said...

Put crunched up newspaper into your soaked shoes, it will dry them out overnight.

Greg said...

Right now the forecasts for the half marathon are temps in the low 80's, which would mean we would probably be in the 60's at racetime, so not too bad.

Of course looking at the forecast 10 days out in Chicago is kind of pointless.

Mike said...

I'm bummed about Sabino Canyon too. Thanks for the tip on the shoes Thomas, I'm trying it today. Greg, I hope the conditions hold but you're right, who knows at this point.