Monday, July 24, 2006

Things I've Seen...

on the Truckee River path.
1. Two different couples having loud intercourse (seperate occasions, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same couple twice unless they changed sleeping bags).

2. Group of five scary-looking men whooping, whistling and cat-calling as I ran past them in an underpass (these sections are the worst). I had to go back the same way, but thankfully they were gone.

3. A skunk with a strawberry yoplait yogurt cup stuck on his head, wandering back and forth on the path in front of me. Reminds me of a post Andrew wrote about these animals.

I had a wonderful afternoon off yesterday, and I spent much of it at "My Favorite Muffin" coffee shop, where I took advantage of their free wi-fi to message with Kiera and Haiden. My laptop has a camera and so does the computer at home, so it was nice to see them. I started worrying that I'd been gone too long when Haiden looked at the screen and said "who's that??"

Today my legs were a little sore from riding a loaner mountain bike around town (beats a rental car), but I put in another 12 miles on the river path at 6:49 pace. I've been running under 7 minute pace for awhile now, and it finally feels very comfortable again.

Any of you who read this probably know that I'm a creature of habit, which works well for Lydiard-based training. It's fairly repetitive, especially at the beginning stages, and having a standard routine makes fitting in the run a bit easier. At home it's up at 4, coffee, out the door by five. Here things are different, and unless I wander down to the casino below my room and spend $3 for some Folgers blend I'm pretty much out of luck. If I can survive 10 days without a pre-run coffee it will be an achievement in and of itself.

Training: 12 miles, 1:21:50, 6:49 pace


Hunter said...

Can those things be counted as incentive for you to run? Your pace drops rather quickly. I've been working on the distance, hope the pace will drop like yours.

Walter said...

Perhaps if you get five scary-looking men your pace will drop too, Hunter ;-)

Dusty said...

haha! That would probably decrease the pace for a lot of people.

Phil said...

Mike .. just imagine what the "scary looking men" wrote in their blog. ".... and then some maniac came running towards us at 100 mph. We had to whoop and holler like crazy just to get him to pass without hurting us. We quickly left the underpass after he went by just in case he was planning to come back".

Great set of runs last week. Nice to see you back under 7:00/mi. After running my butt off this weekend for 3 miles at that pace I can only start to appreciate what it must be like to have this as an "easy" pace. Your certainly can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time!

Glad that you were able to find somewhere to get your laptop connected so you could communicate with your kids. This is the type of stuff they'll remember when they grow up.

And thanks for the parking offer in Tucson. The little I saw of Sabino Canyon was beautiful. What a scenic area for running.

Mark said...

wtg on the traveling and running; I feel for you as that is a tough task to pull off--shows perseverance and dedication.
It will all pay off at your next start line!

Zach said...

Reno is so quaint. Keep up the good work!

Paul said...

Wow, what hotel doesn't give you a complimentary coffee pot in the room?

D said...

Thank GOD I have never run past anyone engaged in any type of sexual encounter. Wow - I thought females were the only ones that were whistled at by men...that would've scared me!

No pre-run coffee? How are you surviving?

Mike said...

One day at a time D, one day at a time. Thanks for the comments. Phil, you are a crack up.