Thursday, August 17, 2006


"Where's Daddy?", Haiden asks.
"He's in the shower", Kiera answers.
"He should be painting," Haiden says.

I've come to terms with the fact that I have a part-time job. In addition to my regular gig at the art gallery, I'm now a painter part time. For the past three days, after my run and a quick shower, I put on my wretched "painting shorts", which are still pink in places from painting Haiden's room last year. I eat my cereal in these disgusting shorts, then get to work. I'm on coat 4 for the dreaded deep-blue trim, and I'm finished with the orange (with the exception of a few touch-ups). I'm also on a better schedule now, with two hours of painting before work and three more hours of painting after dinner.

I can't wait to quit this part-time job. My thanks go out to Phil and Dusty for the painting tips. Next time I go with Dunn-Edwards paint instead of Home Depot, and I'll never go with a shade this dark again.

The kids have adapted well to the painting situation, as Finn now has a nightly "sleepover" in Haiden's room. Night one was full of screaming, but Finn settled into his pack-and-play right away last night. I thought Haiden would be protective of keeping her personal space private, but now I think she likes the company.

I haven't adapted nearly as well to this situation, as my back has been aching, my hips are feeling arthritic, and my left hand seems permanently bent into a claw from holding roller and brush. My feet are also complaining, as I've done all my up-and-down work on the ladder barefoot.

Adding faster paces and increased mileage on top of a pretty stressed body has made things a little tough the past few days, and today was no exception. Today's 14 miles were a little more stressful than I was hoping they would be, and I was content to average 6:58 for the run instead of trying to push the pace down to 6:30's for the second half. The humidity is still oppresive here, and the weather shows no signs of easing up.

I go back to Arthur Lydiard's books when I start feeling like this- tired, worn out, and generally overextended. While it's important to back off once you're over the edge, his books emphasize consistency and perseverence. It's easy to get out there after a day off, three square meals and eight hours of sleep. There is some satisfaction that comes from grinding out a tough run in the middle of difficult circumstances, and staying on schedule on a day like today makes suffering through a race seem just a little easier. After all, no one forced me to paint.

Training: 14 miles, 1:37:34, 6:58 pace


the wife/truth-teller said...

Actually, what happened was this:

"Where's Daddy?" Haiden asked.
I look at her for a long second. "Where is he every morning?"
"Running," she says.
"He should be painting."

This was long before he ever hit the showers.

Greg said...

"After all, no one forced me to paint."

wife/truth-teller, can you verify this?

Evan said...

"While it's important to back off once you're over the edge, his books emphasize consistency and perseverence."

I totally agree that some types of tiredness just pass, especially in the base phase, and perseverence is often the way. But just for the sake of debate, isn't the goal really to be able to get right up to the edge and then back off?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Sounds miserable.

Looking forward to seeing your masterpiece on Saturday : )

Eric said...

Greg, I think you have your answer.

(I think I'm in trouble scones for the smart-ass!)

Yvonne said...

omg, i'm so exhausted from reading that, i have to go lie down on the couch. no wonder my husband cleverly avoided painting the nursery...

Mike said...

Geez, now we're both busted Eric. Greg, we've talked about painting the room for about a year now, but it was me that finally announced I was going to do it...all in one day. That worked out well.

Evan, I'm with you, though at this point I was hoping the edge was a little further out there!

Angie, I promise the room is painted...not like when you showed up and I still had a beard.

Yvonne, you only get to play the pregnancy card for a short while. "Honey, I'd really like to paint her room, but I'm just worried about my exposure to the fumes" should work. If not, try "We could pay someone". That would tear it for me.

Eric said...

"...not like when you showed up and I still had a beard."

What is this?

the wife/truth-teller said...

Greg, it is true. I had nothing to do with it. I had not mentioned painting the room. It was all Mike. I want to go on record as being the one that said, "Really? Are you sure?" when Mike brought it up (again). And I have since told him that he's not allowed to paint anything else in the house. (Unless the kids and I leave for a week.)

And Eric, if you make it to Sacramento, there will be scones. (Unless Mike eats them all on the way.)

Mike said...

See Eric, one more reason to come back to California. As for the beard comment, I had said I was off to shave in a post way back, but I ended up keeping the beard a bit longer (it's gone now). Angie came over to run with Kiera and expected to find me clean-shaven, but I was still a ratty mess at that point. Don't tell me you still have that sorry excuse for a beard!

Eric said...

Wow. It's like I don't even know who you are anymore...

Of course I still have my beard! I'm like Kenny Rogers or an Oak Ridge Boy--I have no identity without it.

Looks like I am el lobo solo again, unless Duncan is holding out.

Marc said...

I have a great arrangement with my wife - I take the boys away for a few days and she does all the painting while we are away. It works out great.

Dusty said...

I don't know why I didn't think of it -- SunLife Paint... I believe Mr. Riley has a store in Tucson! The paint is awesome (great coverage amazing quality) and doesn't smell. If I'm going to paint a room, I try to hold off until I drive to Phoenix. I did a search on the location:
Sunlife Premium Paint
2756 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719

They are constantly upgrading the formula too.