Thursday, August 31, 2006

The New Easy

It's a little hard for me to concentrate on running right now with the big reunion gig for my old band Starcrunch happening tomorrow. I'm busy working on cleaning up a guitar solo or two in an effort to save myself some embarassment, and wondering whether or not I'll have to put any "cheat sheets" down by my guitar pedals to help remember a lyric or two. As much as I obsess about such things, it all goes by so fast and so loudly that I doubt too many people will notice the screw-ups anyway. I've updated the band's blog with a photo of me ten years younger and probably 20 pounds heavier, and I've added another song in case the three people who listened to the last one wanted to hear something different.

I made it out to the evening run yesterday with the Running Shop gang, where we ran 10K at a very leisurely pace. It felt good to ride the brakes after two fairly tough runs, and I fully intended to do the same this morning. The 6 miles I had planned turned into 8, then finally into 10 as I was really enjoying myself. I didn't focus on the pace at all, but still wound up running under 7 for the run which was a surprise.

I'm starting to find that "easy" is getting faster, which also seems to be happening to Thomas these days. I take it as a good sign, and hopefully it means the body is getting in good enough shape to bounce back from tougher days a little quicker. The danger of course is letting the easy runs get too fast, but think I'm lazy enough to keep that from happening. Tomorrow will be a shorter long run, which I want to get out of the way two days ahead of the Labor Day 8 miler.

Training: 10 miles, 1:09:26, 6:57 pace. Felt easy
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles in 46 minutes


Runner Chic said...

Your pace amazes me! Good luck with your band this weekend. That sounds like it will be a blast. i will have to check out the other blog.


Walter said...

Hi Mike,

I downloaded Driftwood from your band's site. I have to say I liked it! Anyway, enjoy the gig this weekend. Little piece of weirdness; I came upon Thomas's blog through links from yours. I live in Galway, Ireland which is about 4 hours north of Thomas's stomping ground. Truly the web is wonderful.

Take care,


Thomas said...

If you're lazy, what are sorry rest of us? Comatose?

Yeah, my easy runs are getting faster too. But while yours are getting below 7 pace, mine are creeping below 9. Ah well.

Good Luck with the gig, and I like your songs, btw. I'm one of the 3 people who downloded it, Duncan is another one, so who is the third anonymous Starcrunch fan?

Eric said...

That would be Mike trying to artifically inflate his numbers. What an ego!

Kidding. Number three is me.

Dusty said...

Hope your gig goes well! I like this song too! I must have been the 3rd one... wait, if Eric was 3, then he had to have 4.

Good luck in the race this weekend!

Greg said...

"The danger of course is letting the easy runs get too fast, but think I'm lazy enough to keep that from happening."

I've been reading this blog for about 8 months now and there is nothing in here that would indicate that the above statement is true. Lazy is not a word I would use to describe you.

Good luck with the gig and the race this weekend. Talk about multi-talented...

Mike said...

Thanks everyone, now it sounds like I was fishing for compliments with the "lazy" bit. I actually have no idea how many people downloaded either song, but I have to admit I love this new technology. Back when our band was in it's heyday, these sorts of things (mp3's, blogs, myspace, recording software) either didn't exist or were phohibitively expensive.

We actually had to mail cassettes to clubs out of town to get gigs. Can you imagine?