Friday, August 04, 2006

No Reply at all

Dear John Bingham,

I'm with the Running Shop running store team from Tucson, Arizona that won the shoe store team competition at the Arizona Distance Classic in March. We were told that John Bingham Racing was awarding us a trip to the Chicago Distance Classic next weekend. It's now 9 days to the race and no one has contacted us regarding itinerary. All of our runners have jobs, and some also have families and school, so knowing the information regarding the trip is absolutely critical at this point. We have repeatedly asked for this information over the past four months to no avail.

Our contact, XXXXXXXXXXXX, who works for you, has no information for us regarding when we leave, when we return, where we stay, what transportation we will use to get to and from the race, etcetera. He has given up at this point and asked us to email you directly about this, and I would sincerely appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. I have emailed the manager of twice with no response.

Please let me know the status of this trip, as all of our athletes have prepared through the summer for this race.

Thank you,
Mike Salkowski



Duncan Larkin said...

Well that does it for me.I'm all in. I hope you get a response now. P.S. Don't worry. I didn't use any f-bombs, but did use some sarcasm. said...

Wow, this totally sucks and, as Duncan pointed out to me, goes totally counter to the experience that I had with John two summers ago when I ran his Columbus event, met him in Indy and ran his event in Chicago.

It certainly doesn't sound like there's enough time to get this rectified; however, I certainly hope you do.

I'm a mid-to-back of the packer, who struggles with consistency; however, I know that success doesn't rest in the hands of organized training groups or establishments of this ilk.

I know that it all starts with me.

Good luck on getting this taken care of!

Omniscient said...

Talk about loyalty.

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Wow Mike, that definitely sucks. My family and I will be flying from Texas to Chicago to see my son graduate from Navy boot camp next week and I've entered the CDC on a lark. If I’d know about this I would have never entered the race.
That said, 50 bucks is 50 bucks.

As a show of support I'll try to find the penguin and body slam him for you.

Marc said...

I never thought I would ever see 'John Bingham' and 'racing' used in the same sentance, never mind as a legitimate entity. Maybe that's the problem.

Dallen said...

I still haven't signed up for the CDC, and now I probably won't. I think I will save my $50 and run as a bandit in honor of Mike.

As an alternative, you may try to get yourselves a comped entry to the Chicago Marathon. LaSalle Bank took over the CDC this year.