Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What am I Doing Wrong?

I'm using a tinted primer. I bought a fancy Purdy brand 2" trim brush. I bought Consumer Reports' choice for the best paint.

Painting Finn's room will be the death of me. After painting from 9:30am until 12:30am (yes, just after midnight), with only two 1/2 hour breaks, I was still only half-finished. I went to bed with hips and feet aching, and woke up 4 hours later in order to get in a run this morning and get back to painting. It must be the goofy orange and dark blue combo that's making things so difficult, since I don't really think I'm that inept at painting.

As you might imagine, I felt quite out of it this morning, so I just ran 8 miles at just under 7 minute pace. I thought about dragging it out to 10 or 12, but I'd rather take it a little easy after yesterday's never-ending chore.

Today has been pretty much the same, with me painting from 8am until almost 3pm, when I had to come in to work to relieve my co-worker. The painting still isn't finished, but I hope to have everything but the closet doors done by bedtime tonight. I'm just hoping that bedtime comes a little sooner than it did last night.

This blog should be back to normal tomorrow, once I get the paint fumes out of my lungs.

Training: 8 miles, 55:41, 6:58 pace


Eric said...

Broncos fan? Getting ready for football season?

Dusty said...

OK - you are talking to psycho loves to paint girl (except the cutting in part). Is it requiring more coats? Maybe I can help. Too bad I'm not there - I don't know why I like to paint but I do... painted my neighbor's daughter's bedroom in about an hour with her and her daughter doing the cutting in. They were having a terrible time of it and paid me in beer to help. :)

Don't tell them I would have done it for free -- they gave me good cold beer!!

Phil said...

Should have given me a call first. You'll probably need three coats to get these deep tints to cover. Remember, these dark colors are absorbing light and will show every imperfection until completely covered. It's a hassle, but looks great once you're done. I just painted my youngest daughter's room a deep green (her choice, not mine). It took three coats before it looked right.

Good run on 4 hours sleep today. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

fartleker said...

Your first problem was buying Consumer Reports. The second was buying a dark color paint. We used a deep blue at my condo, and with a primer, it took SEVEN freaking coats. Yes, seven. That was a whole lot of fun. The rest of the house was finally finished about a year and a half later...

D said...

Wow - 8 miles at a 6:58 pace w/paint fumes and all. Amazing.